May 142018


Individual Piece Titles: RESTLESS, MOON GATE, RECKLESS

Audition Dates: Monday 4th of June 2018. This will be a movement based workshop.

Character descriptions and requirements: 10 x Performers. 5 female and 5 male. Must be comfortable in your own skin. I will facilitate a safe environment; emotionally and physically, however, some pieces will be challenging. It will help if you’re a good mover, and can express emotion using your body. I’m looking for performers who are interested in physical expression.

*I’m also looking for 1 (preferably female) Performance Artist to add 2 or 3 pieces of their own to the show.

Synopsis: I have developed three 10 minutes performance art pieces. With the aim of creating a show that’s 45 – 60 minutes in length. My works will explore: love, sin, loss, separation, forgiveness, restoration, and atonement. These pieces will be semiotically driven and be corporeally focused. No dialogue. Music will only be used in my movement piece, MOON GATE.

Suburb & state: Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW

Contact info: Adam Dear (

Company Name: In the past I have produced my work through DearWoods Productions. On this occasion I am producing this project as an independent artist. I have applied to use the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre for rehearsals and performances. It’s a wonderful space to create.

Rehearsals will be in September 2018 and performances will be in October 2018.