Apr 012019


by Joanna Murray-Smith

Directed by Sue Turner

Auditions Tuesday 30 April

7:30 pm at the theatre, 6 Surf Road Cronulla

Thirty years ago Margot Mason, pioneer of the 1970’s Women’s Liberation movement wrote her ground-breaking work “The Cerebral Vagina”. As she sits in her country house struggling with writers block and a deadline for a new book, in walks student Molly Rivers, daughter of one of Margot’s most dedicated followers.  Margot finds herself gagged, handcuffed and held hostage. Things don’t improve with the arrival of Margot’s exhausted daughter ,Tess. Her thick son-in-law Bryan. The masculine taxi driver Frank, and the handsome and dapper publisher Theo.


MARGOT MASON – Sixty-ish, impressive, confident …

a monster.

MOLLY RIVERS – 20 something, bright.

TESS THORTON – Late thirties, exhausted and lost.

BRYAN THORTON – Late 30’s boyish and thick.

FRANK – Early 30’s, masculine, confident.

THEO – Sixties, dapper.

Performance Dates
Friday, 2nd August to Saturday, September 7th

Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm

Sunday matinees at 2pm: 11th & 25th August & 1st September

Performances: 28 July to 7 September

Full details at https://www.artstheatrecronulla.com.au/auditions