May 042019

South Pacific

– Rodgers & Hammerstein

Audition Dates
Saturday June 15th 2019
Children (8-12yrs) – 9:30am
Adults (16+ yrs) – 10:30am

Call backs: Sunday June 16th, 10am, same venue

Character descriptions and requirements

Ensign Nellie Forbush 
Age: 25-35
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano to Db5 with good belt
Accent: American (South)
Confident, outgoing, comedic, romantic. Requires excellent vocal, acting and dance skills.
An unsophisticated girl from Little Rock, Arkansas, she is perky and vibrant, in love with Emile, but with doubts about their relationship.
Audition Songs: “Cockeyed Optimist”, “In love with a wonderful guy”

Emile De Becque 
Gender: Male
Age: 40+
Vocal Range: Bass-Baritone
Requires strong singing and acting with a French accent.
A middle-aged, wealthy planter in love with Nellie, but fears their different backgrounds might affect their love.
Audition Songs: “This nearly was mine”, “Some enchanted evening”

Lt. Joseph Cable, United States Marine Corps 
Gender: Male
Age: 20+
Vocal Range: Strong Tenor E3-G4
Accent: American
Requires excellent singing and acting ability.
Young Marine officer, a patriotic, brave hometown boy, in love with Liat.
Audition Songs: “Younger than springtime”, “Carefully Taught”


Bloody Mary 
Gender: Female
Age: 30+
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano to C5 with good belt
Appearance & Accent: Polynesian
Polynesian woman, mother of Liat. Strong comedic role requiring excellent singing and acting skills. A “wheeler-dealer”, she is a loveable rascal with a constant shrieking, cackling laugh. Ideally suited to ladies with a fuller figure.
Audition Songs: “Bali Hi”, “Happy Talk”

Seabee Luther Billis 
Gender: Male
Age: 30+
Voice Range: Bass-Baritone down to G2
Accent: American
Prime comedic role requiring good comic timing and acting skills. Ensemble singing and dancing.
A career navy man, he is a likeable entrepreneur. He worships Nellie and would do anything for her.
Audition Song: “Nothing like a Dame”

Cmdr. William Harbison, United States Navy 
Gender: Male
Age: 30-40+
Vocal Range: Any (spoken role)
Accent: American
Strong military bearing and voice. Ensemble singing and dancing.
Executive Officer to Captain Brackett, Harbison is hard and uncompromising.
Audition Song: “Nothing like a Dame”

Capt. George Brackett, United States Navy 
Gender: Male
Age: 30+
Vocal Range: Any (spoken role).
Accent: American
Military bearing and voice, strong actor. Ensemble singing and dancing.
Brackett is a career Navy officer, all business, but with a sensitive side.
Audition Song: “Nothing like a Dame”

Liat – Bloody Mary’s daughter 
Gender: Female
Age: 16+
Vocal Range: Any (spoken/mime role)
Ethnicity: Polynesian
Accent: Tonkinese (Minimal singing and dialogue)
Pretty, young daughter of Bloody Mary. Speaks no English and only a little French. She loves Lt. Cable, has only a few lines, but must be able to convey words and feelings through pantomime and facial expressions. No singing but needs strong mime and ballet skills.
Audition: Ballet and mime piece.

Ngana – Emile’s daughter (2 x Child Cameo Roles)
Age: 8-12
Vocal Range: Child Alto (Mezzo-Soprano equivalent)
Appearance: Polynesian
Accent: French (will be taught)
Polynesian daughter of Emile De Becque. She speaks only French, and must act and sing.
Audition Song: “Dites-Moi”

Jerome – Emile’s son (2 x Child Cameo Role) 
Age: 8-12
Vocal Range: Unbroken voice (Mezzo-soprano equivalent)
Appearance: Polynesian
Accent: French (will be taught)
Polynesian son of Emile De Becque. He speaks only French and must act and sing.
Audition Song: “Dites-Moi”


Lt. Genevieve Marshall (Lead Nurse)
Age: 35 – 60 (Older – Matron Type) Includes some dialogue. Spoken role.
Ensigns: Pam, Janet, Lisa, Sue, Connie
Age: 18-35. Nurses and friends to Nellie. Requires acting, singing and dance. Small speaking parts.
Vocal range: Ideally mezzo-soprano.
Audition Song: “I’m going to wash that Man”


Henri – Emile’s Polynesian servant (Cameo Role)
Gender: Male, any age
Vocal Range: Any (spoken role)
Accent: French
Sailors: McCaffrey, Stewpot, Quale, Larson, Professor
Age 18-30+.
Vocal Range: Ideally baritone
Off-siders to Billis, they must be able to act, sing and dance. Physically fit, gymnastics would be an asset.
Audition Song: “Nothing like a Dame”

Additional Nurses, sailors, nuns, townsfolk and fishermen.
Male and female, all ages and vocal ranges, requires singing and dancing.
Minimum age 16.
Audition Song (Women): “I’m going to wash that Man”
Audition Song (Men): “Nothing like a Dame”

Please note that all cast members must be willing to make alterations to their hairstyles and hair colour.


Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novels ‘Tales of the South Pacific’ by James A. Michener, this 1949 Broadway hit is a classic of 20th century musical theatre, with many well-known songs such as “There is Nothing like a Dame”, and “I’m Gonna Wash that Man right outta my Hair”.
On a South Sea island during World War II, love blooms between a young nurse and a secretive Frenchman who’s being courted for a dangerous military mission. Can a girl from Arkansas find happiness with a mature French planter she got to know ‘one enchanted evening’ away from the military hospital where she is a nurse? Or should she just ‘wash that man right out of her hair’?  And what about the ‘younger than springtime’ Liat?  Will she find happiness in the arms of Lieutenant Cable?  Or is middle America circa 1944 likely to raise its racist and intolerant eyebrows?
The show explores many social and ethnic issues that are as raw and relevant today as they were in 1949.

Suburb & state
“O” Block Theatre, CHEC Campus, Hogbin Drive,
Coffs Harbour, NSW

Contact info
Judi Williams

Company Name
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company