Jan 132017

by Jon Robin Baitz
Directed by Cheryl Butler

Auditions date and time:
Monday 30 January 7.30pm
Arts Theatre Cronulla
6 Surf Road
Cronulla NSW 2230

A once-promising novelist returns home to visit her parents after announcing the imminent publication of her memoir that focuses on the death of her antiwar activist brother. This is a funny, fierce, intelligent family drama.

Brooke Wyeth: 30s, writer living in New York
Polly Wyeth: 50+, Brooke’s mother, retired screen writer
Lyman Wyeth: 50+, Brooke’s father, retired actor, political connections
Silda Grauman: 50+, Polly’s sister, screen writer, recovering alcoholic
Trip Wyeth 20s-30s, Brooke’s younger brother, television producer

Season Sunday 7 May – Saturday 17 June
Inquiries: Director Cheryl Butler cheryl.butler5@bigpond.com

Audition pieces available from Arts Theatre Cronulla website: http://www.artstheatrecronulla.com.au

Type of production

Company Name and Suburb
Arts Theatre Cronulla

New South Wales