Mar 152018



Directed by Nicole Madden, Assistant Directed by Clarinda Edwards, Presented by The Henry Lawson Theatre

In this funny and compassionate look at adolescence, we meet Gillian. A sixteen year old ‘dag’ with a crush on the most popular boy at school and no hope of gaining his interest. Follow Gillian’s (often melodramatic) tale of overbearing sisters, school yard politics, first crushes, first kisses, friendship, and finding out who you are isn’t so bad after all- even if you are still a ‘dag’.

This touching coming of age story is full of awkward moments we can all relate to, and speaks to the heart of teenage insecurity in an uplifting, sometimes quirky, way.

We are looking for cast members ages roughly 16-30 (final casting will depend how old you appear onstage and against other actors, so don’t be afraid to audition for a character that is outside your exact role) for the speaking roles, as well as passionate and dedicated young people (high school age and up) to flesh out our ensemble of Gillian’s school peers. Those wishing to be considered for ensemble are encouraged to read for a smaller role at the audition, as this will allow us to gauge an idea of your stage ability. No past experience is necessary, however is recommended for the roles of Gillian, Bronwyn, Adam, and Biggles




(The theatre is located inside Henry Sports Club: 144 Henry Lawson Ave, Werrington County NSW 2747)

CONTACT: for audition pieces, proposed rehearsal schedule, and any other details.

PERFORMANCE DATES: JULY 20TH, 21ST  (afternoon and evening performance), 27TH, 28TH (afternoon and evening performance)


Character List


16 years old, a schoolgirl.

Gillian starts the play as the ultimate dag with self-esteem issues and finds herself through interactions with family and her peers. She is melodramatic, awkward, cynical at times but does want to find love and ‘fit in’.

(must be comfortable changing on stage and kissing Scene).


 20 years old, Gillian’s sister.

Bronwyn is the opposite to her sister: well put together, motivated, and adventurous. She can be tough on Gillian but wants the best for her, and cares for her wellbeing.


 16 years old, Gillian’s school friend.

Enthusiastic but not too bright, Wendy wants what everyone wants: the hot bass player. She has a mean streak, but shows her vulnerability in her relationship with Tony.

(must be comfortable changing on stage and kissing Scene)


16 years old, Gillian’s school friend.

Lynette gravitates towards the popular crowd. A bit of a ‘dag’ (as described by some of her peers), she tries to seek approval from those who ‘matter’ socially.


16 years old, Gillian’s school friend.

Unsophisticated, but confident, Monica knows who she is. She is also a very insightful charter. Monica doesn’t follow the fashion trends and becomes a “true Friend” to Gillian.



19 years old, a rock musician (plays base) (being able to play is not required though beneficial).

Tony is attractive with a smug smile. He is described as slow witted and a bit of a player. He is standoffish at times in his relationship with Wendy.

(Kissing Scene Required)

BIGGLES (John) –

28-year-old male, Bronwyn’s boyfriend

A dermatologist adventurer and Bronwyn’s boyfriend. He is over enthusiastic, described as good at everything, and genuinely kind to Gillian.



16 years old, Biggles brother.

Derek is the intellectual type, try’s a little too hard, and is into computers and tropical fish. He can be described as an awkward first date.

(Kissing Scene Required)



16 years old, a schoolgirl.

Describe by the other characters as very pretty but very dull, she plays on her looks but is deeply insecure. Often seen around school making out with her boyfriend.

(Kissing Scenes Required)


16 years old, Karen’s boyfriend.

While he is confident and well liked, Adam has earned his title of school heart breaker. He is easily frustrated, often cocky, and can be seen around the school making out with his girlfriend.

(Kissing Scenes Required)


Additional  Non Speaking Roles.