Nov 042016

The Sutherland Theatre Company’s March 2017 production is Bloom, a touching story of grief, gardening and growing up.

Auditions will be held on Saturday 19th November 2016 from 1:30pm at the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts on East Parade.

Auditionees will be asked to read a piece from the script which will be provided on request when you book your audition. No other pieces are required. To book your audition or for more information, please email the director Christiane on or call 0432 144 469.

About the show:
Following the death of his father, 15 year old Daniel, and his mother, Lisa, are forced to move to a new neighbourhood. After a violent outburst at his new school, Daniel’s social worker, Michelle, suggests he spend a week working with her father, Bobby, an urban gardener of several abandoned lots in the middle of the city. A week soon turns into a few months, and, as the two men spend the summer tending the gardens, they begin to plant some much-needed hope in a neighbourhood plagued by blight and help each other heal some old wounds. Bloom is a coming of age story about grief, gardening and growing up.

Available Roles:
Bobby (60s) – a loner, withdrawn from social llfe since his wife’s death, irascible, set in his ways, quiet wisdom. From clinging to his memories and grief, his experiences with young Daniel, allow him to heal and begin to bloom with his garden

Michelle (30s) – Bobby’s daughter, school social worker,very busy and committed to her job. connects better with her students than her father, and sees him sporadically. She is in turns worried and frustrated with her father. Has a deep love for him but doesn’t necessarily understand what he’s going through.

Daniel (teenager, stage age 15) – Closed off boy, grieving his father’s death. Feels out of place in new town, awkward and resentful of what life has dealt him. Loves to draw and finds it easier to express himself through this medium. Not keen to work with Bobby, begins slowly to bond and heal. Also bonds with Ashley, which give him new confidence and sense of place.

Lisa (40s) – Daniel’s mother. Her life has been upturned and she is struggling with her new circumstances. She works in a nursing home, studies, and takes care of her son while living in her sister’s home.. Wants to understand and help Daniel but can’t get through his barrier of silence and resentment.

Ashley (teenager, stage age 16) – Lives with her grandmother as her mother is in jail. Class mate of Daniel’s. Prickly, suspicious and quick to turn. Her defensiveness masks her desire to trust someone and find affection and stability.

Show dates: Friday 11th November 8pm, Saturday 12th November 2pm, Sunday 13th November 2pm, Thursday 17th November 8pm, Friday 18th November 8pm, Saturday 19th November 8pm, Sunday 20th November 2pm.

Type of production

Company Name and Suburb
The Sutherland Theatre Company, Sutherland

New South Wales