Mar 162017

Audition June 11, 2017
Director : Helen Maden
Have you ever been on a date? Been in a relationship? Wanted to start one? Lost a partner? Roger Hall’s insightful comedy “Take a Chance on Me” has got it all. Hall takes a simple idea of six people who have lost their spouses and transports us through a series of scenes where they are looking for a relationship or looking for love via personal ads, blind dates, internet dating or overseas brides!
This clever play interweaves the lives of 6 singles, as they woefully admit to problems of how to deal with rekindling their social lives, dealing with dating – especially that first one , and the big one – having sex again !!
NOTE: This play is VERY episodic (41 short scenes) and requires quick thinking, dedicated, experienced actors with no inhibitions! People who are also agile. There are some challenges for some characters, all in the name of fun. Some kissing, simulated sex scenes, wearing underwear, passionate romps on the couch/bed, etc. If concerned, pls ask director for more details.
• Tim, male, late 38 to 50, owns his own pharmacy. His wife left him after 16 years of marriage – he didn’t even know what he’d done wrong ! Two young kids.
• Brian, male 40-48, Brian is a Westie! Plumber by trade. Blokey. On the short side. Not backwards in coming forward. Likes the ‘ladies’. His wife left him – he took one too many fishing trips.. he just doesn’t ‘get it’.
• Dan, male, late 50s to mid 60. Dan was a banker but has been made redundant before he was ready. His wife died suddenly, leaving him feeling lost , not even knowing how to put away his own washing. Probably well spoken being a corporate type.
• Lorraine, female 50 to mid 60, Lorraine is a widowed housewife. Her husband served in the army but died of cancer. Possibly has a slight drinking problem. She has 2 hulking sons. Can be a bit cutting.
• Ellie, female 30’s to 45, A lawyer whose husband was also a lawyer who had an affair with his secretary and left home. She is refined and wealthy. Two young kids
• Fleur, female 30s to 45, A primary school teacher with a nervous disposition. Member of the “abandoned for another woman” club . She is a bit naïve and has a tendency to cry uncontrollably. She is slightly overweight. Two young kids.
The following two actors MUST BE very versatile with no inhibitions. They are in almost every scene as the other’s kids, dates, waiters, lovers and more. They have a very busy schedule!

• Liz, female 25 to 45, Multiple character roles including but not limited to:
• Facilitator (Hostess)
• Jessica – pretty secretary trying to talk her way around her lovers wife!
• Two young girls (12ish)
• Voice of 62yr old, voice of a Russian, voice of a crazy lady
• Debbie, overweight (simulated) – ‘perky Debbie’
• Doris – 55ish date
• Diane – Goddess of Love – dating agent
• Desiree (escort 1 ) wears knickers and bra
• Brandee – (escort 2) half dressed… has a romp on the sofa
• Dolly – a yee haa, line dancing , ride em cowboy kinda girl
• Janpen (Brian’s Thai wife) – needs accent

• Eric, male 25 to 45 , Multiple character roles including but not limited to:
• Host
• 4 different waiters – 1 effeminate
• Young boy (12 ish)
• Lawyer – with marriage problems of his own. (breakdown)
• Footy fan
• Crazed “Jack Nicolson” from the Shining (no dialogue)
• Voice of 40 yr old, voice of Okker bloke, voice of smooth/sexy “Vintage Port”
• Harry 62 ish date
• Policeman

Type of production

Company Name and Suburb
The Spotlight Theatrical Co, Benowa