Feb 222017

AUDITIONS – ‘Planet of The Nebulons- a stellar pantomime!’
Audition Packs Now Available.
Contact Us on spotlight.nebulons@gmail.com
Sunday 5th March from 9.30 am
Spotlight Basement Theatre
185 – 187 Ashmore Rd Benowa 4217

Join in the fun in our July holiday panto! Cosmo is missing! Young Billy and his wacky uncle Albert must travel through time and space
to rescue their prized pooch, but not before encountering aliens, evil robots, and transdimensional space monsters.
Meanwhile, the evil Lord Ender plans to seize the mysterious Galactic Orb and take control of the entire universe, with the help of his bumbling companions Mac and PC.
Our only hope is an innocent, alien girl named Starla. Can Billy and uncle Albert retrieve the canine Cosmo?
Will Lord Ender unlock the infinite power of the Galactic Orb?
Has Starla got what it takes to save the universe?
Find out in this epic tale of cosmic adventure Written and Directed by Aiden Ossovani.
Billy (Male): A boy of the present day. Loves technology, science, and space.
Uncle Albert (Male): Billy’s uncle. A mad genius with a passion for science.
Cosmo (Female): Albert’s pet dog. Spaceship pilot, and lover of dog treats.
Starla (Female): An alien from the Planet of the Nebulons. Heroic, yet naive.
Glob (Male): Starla’s brother. Knows the future but doesn’t know much else.
Lord Ender (Female): Evil Overlord of the Nebulons. Must be stopped!
Mac & PC (Male): Two bickering robots. Lord Ender’s bumbling personal assistants.
Luna Lightyear (Female): Television presenter for every channel in the galaxy.
Seven-11 (Male or Female): A sassy robot. Doubles as a convenience store.
Ensemble: Billy’s human friends; the Nebulons; Cosmo’s ship crew.

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The Spotlight Theatrical Co, Benowa