Feb 202017


Auditions – April 1st & 2nd 10am – 4pm

Information night – March 22nd 7pm
Winner of three Tony Awards (Best Musical, Book of a Musical and Original Score) Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Play and five Drama Desk Awards (Outstanding Musical, Book of a Musical, Orchestration, Lyrics and Music) CITY OF ANGELS is a truly unique experience. It is the interweaving of two plots, one dealing with the writing of a screenplay in the cut-throat Hollywood of the 1940′s; the other, the enactment of the Film Noir screenplay. This double feature quality leads to many other unique production values, such as most of the cast playing multiple roles in both worlds, but most notable the fact that CITY OF ANGELS is perhaps the only “colour coded” show any theatre audience is likely to see.

CITY OF ANGELS will run at Crete Street Theatre from 23rd June to 8th July 2017.
Booking your audition time by calling Sharon 0416 031 202

General Audition
Saturday April 1st & 2nd 10 am.
Individual auditions for 10 minutes.
Prepare 32 bars (60 – 90 seconds) of a song in a Musical Theatre / Jazz style.
Reading of a scene from the script (see selection for your preferred character)
Bookings to be made by calling
Sharon 0416 031 202
Dance Chorus Audition
Saturday April 1st 10am or 2pm
Cattle call audition for 30 minutes
Bookings to be made by calling
Sharon 0416 031 202
Call Backs (only if required)
Monday April 3rd
Principal Roles
Stine (Baritone G#2 – G4) A writer of fiction.
Stone (Baritone G#2 – F4) Stine’s creation, a Private Eye.
Gabby/Bobbi (Alto Eb3 – F5) Stine’s wife/Stone’s ex-fiancé, a cabaret singer.
Donna/Oolie (Mezzo-Soprano G3 – F5) Buddy’s secretary/Stone’s secretary.
Buddy Fiddler/Irwin S Irving (comedy Baritone C3 – Eb4) Movie producer/Movie mogul
Carla Haywood/Alaura Kingsley (Alto G3 – E5) Buddy’s wife/Femme Fatale
Pancho Vargas/Lieutenant Munoz (Baritone D3 – F#4) An actor/Police detective
Jimmy Powers (Tenor C3 – G4) Movier crooner
Avril Raines/Mallory Kingsley (Alto G#3 – B4) Starlet/Alaura’s stepdaughter
Gerald Pierce/Peter Kingsley (Baritone D3 – C#4) Actor/Alaura’s stepson
Sonny/Mandril – Small thug/Spiritual healer
Big 6/Luther Kingsley – Big thug/Alaura’s invalid husband
Vocal Ensemble
Angel City Soprano (Soprano A3 – A5)
Angel City Alto (Alto A3 – D5)
Angel City Tenor (Tenor D#3 – B4)
Angel City Bass (Baritone G2 – G#4)


Type of production

Company Name and Suburb
Beenleigh Theatre Group