Mar 022017

STEPPING OUT THEATRE INC based in Berowra NSW is looking for cast and crew for its next production: George Bernard Shaw’s ARMS AND THE MAN.
Written in 1894, this comic classic focuses on the very human predilections for war and romance.
We don’t do old and tired, so we’re giving this very old piece a very fresh sparkling new look.
We need 3 females and 4 males aged from early 20’s to late 50’s or older.
No experience necessary. We’re looking for energetic, passionate people eager to work with a collaborative group under the guidance of a very experienced, patient director. And we’re very good at looking after stage virgins too! Here’s your chance! No more excuses.
Six Performances take place in Berowra over June 3,4,9,10,11, 2017.
Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings in Berowra. (close to railway station!)
Please contact Christine ASAP:
Cast is as follows:
RAINA: 23, a spirited young lady used to having servants, and engaged to a dashing young soldier. She holds passionately on to a romantic view of life and love, and is proud of the purity of what she calls “THE HIGHER LOVE” which she and her fiancé indulge in. She anticipates only the best in life and feels utterly in control, so that when a fugitive from a local battle tumbles into her room at night from a window, she is both fascinated and excited, but never loses her presence of mind.
CATHERINE: her mother, 40 something is an older version of Raina, also captivated by the romance of life, but extremely pragmatic in everyday affairs.
LOUKA: the maidservant of the house, 20 something. She is a strong- minded person. As a servant she sees everything that goes on, but is seething with the will to follow her own mind, read books even, and has designs on marrying Raina’s fiancée! And of course at the end she succeeds.
SERGIUS: the very handsome, dashing soldier, Raina’s fiance, and Louka’s physically passionate admirer.
MAJOR PETKOFF: Raina’s father. A bumbling, old 50 something ineffective both as a soldier and as master in his house.
NICOLA: the middle-aged manservant who knows his place enough to endure unjust punishment, but aims higher at running his own little shop one day. He tries to educate Louka on how to be a better servant.
CAPTAIN BLUNTSCHLI: is the fugitive mercenary soldier who take refuge in Raina’s bedroom. He has no romantic illusions of life, love or death, and delivers some cutting lines about the futility of war. He becomes Raina’s CHOCOLATE CREAM SOLDIER, and of course she marries him.

So lots of space for physical humour, debunking of stereotypes and holding the audience in suspense in this comedy of manners. Do join us!

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