Mar 162017

Sunday May 28th and Monday May 29th.
LEOPOLD: (male, age 18-25) Nathan Leopold, Jr. Highly intellectual student. academic and fiercely romantic. Nervous, obsessed, birdlike
LOEB: (male, age 18-25) Richard Loeb. Another highly intellectual student. Amoral, with scary flashes of true madness. Projects an ambiguous sexual appeal and a distinct personal flair.
DARROW: (male, age 50 + ) Clarence Darrow. Humane, salty, tired and slouched. An old roaring lion, 67 years old and still fighting.
CROWE: (male, age 40-60) Robert Crowe. , pugnacious and severe. State’s Attorney. He is a slick Chicago lawyer and politician, intelligent and wily.
REPORTER 1: (male, age 30-55) Older, seasoned reporter. Also plays Dr. Hulbert , forensic psychiatrist, and Bailiff.
REPORTER 2: (female, age 20-30) Younger, gossip reporter. Also plays Germaine Rheinhardt, the flapper girlfriend of Loeb, and Dr. Bowman, forensic psychiatrist.
REPORTER 3: (male, age 25-50) Tabloid/yellow journalist. Also plays Dr. White, expert witness for the defence and Sgt. Gentile, police officer who testified for the prosecution.
All actors are onstage for the entire duration of the play.
Ages listed are a guide only and casting could be done outside these age ranges.
NOTE – American accents are required and auditions are by appointment with the
director Geoff Hickey on 9874 1571.

Type of production

Company Name and Suburb
bakery@1812 theatre