Mar 132019

Show Title: Yes, Prime Minister

Audition Dates:

Sun 7 April 2 pm – 5pm

Mon 8 April 7pm – 9pm

Character descriptions and requirements:

Upper class British accents preferred.

Sir Humphrey Appleby, Cabinet Secretary

              Male, 50-60, officious civil servant, large ego

Bernard Woolley, Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minster

                   Male, over 30-40, servile, loyal to the PM

Jim Hacker, Prime Minster

                   Male, 50-60, “flies by the seat of his pants” relying on Bernard to keep him out of trouble

Claire Sutton, Special Policy Adviser

                   Female, 30-40, shrewd, down to earth

Kumranistan Ambassador

                   Male, 50-60, went to school with Sir Humphrey Appleby

Jeremy Burnham, Director General of the BBC

                   Male, over 40

Simon Chester, BBC Presenter

                   Male, 35-45


Based on the very popular British comedy series, this script was written for the stage and has had successful runs in both London and Melbourne.    Set in the Prime Minister’s study at Chequers, an English country mansion, where moral considerations collide with the economic future of the nation.

Suburb & state

Frankston, Victoria

Contact info: Tel: Coordinator for appointment:  0423186098

Company Name: Frankston Theatre Group