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Eltham Little Theatre

Research, Victoria

Auditions have been extended!! If you’re keen and missed out on the first round, please use the links above to book a session as soon as possible! All available parts are listed on the booking page, and you will be emailed additional information prior to your audition.

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7pm Friday 16th March
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Play synopsis:

Since 1865, when it was first published, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has enchanted young and old, in books, on films and cartoons and in many kids’ stage musical adaptations. This latest, excellent version adapted by Jo Denver with music by Don Woodward is thoroughly entertaining. The songs are fun, tuneful and memorable and the script is fast-paced, funny and wholesome; this Alice is above all entertaining! As the title would suggest, this version of Alice in Wonderland comes with a twist. It includes characters from the books, which are often neglected in modern reconstructions, and creates roles which are many and varied, providing opportunity for every cast member to have their moment in the spotlight.

CHARACTER LIST: (Ages listed are an indication only.)

ALICE – F 14+    Alice needs to be physically bigger than Small Alice, but able to match expressions and mannerisms. You must be comfortable singing solo.
SMALL ALICE – F 10-13    Small Alice needs to be physically smaller than Alice, but able to match expressions and mannerisms. You must be comfortable singing solo.

WHITE RABBIT – M or F, 10-17    Anxious and jumpy. Ideally played by someone small and fast. This is a singing role.
GARDENERS (TWO, FIVE and SEVEN OF SPADES) – M, 10-17   Scared of the queen. These are singing roles.
TIGER LILY, ROSE, DAISY – F, 10-17   Posh, stuck-up and judgemental. These are singing role roles
TWEEDLEDUM & TWEEDLEDEE – M, 10-17   Twins. Funny, but take themselves seriously. Physical comedy. Fight with each other, and Alice. These are singing roles.
DODO, DUCK, EAGLET, MOUSE – M or F, 10-17   Quick, funny, bounce off each other.
QUEEN OF HEARTS – F, 14+   Big, loud, bossy. Singing role.
MAD HATTER & MARCH HARE – M or F, 14+   Loud and confident. Good comic timing. Able to laugh madly. These are singing roles.
CATERPILLAR – M or F, 14+   Slow and lethargic. Bored, but not boring. Bit of a know-it-all. This is a singing role.
DUCHESS & COOK – M or F, 14+   Big, loud and rude. Could be played by boys dressed as women. Need to be able to shout a lot and work together. These are singing roles.
DORMOUSE – M or F, 10-13   Small in stature. Sleepy. Easily excited. Mousey voice. This is a singing role.

FOOTMEN 1 & 2 – M or F, 10-17   They are funny, but need to be played serious (because they can’t see the humour).
KING OF HEARTS – M, 10-17   Physically smaller than the queen, and scared of her.
KNAVE OF HEARTS – M, 10-17   Physically smaller than the queen. Desperate to be helpful.
CHESHIRE CAT – M or F, 10-17   Smaller role. Big smile. Required to emulate a cat.
THREE LITTE RATS – M or F, 10-13. Suited to smaller cast members. Required to work together and have good comic timing.

DAISIES – F 10-13     Physically smaller than Daisy. Sweet looking. These are singing roles.
MUSHROOMS – M or F, 10-13      These are singing roles.
ROYAL GUARDS – M, 10-17    Big and brainless. Do the queens bidding. These are singing roles.

(starting Sunday, 18th March but will reduced during School Holidays dependent on availabilities)
Tuesdays 7pm-9pm
Thursdays 7pm-9pm
Sundays 10am-1pm.

Performances (12 in total)
Fridays: 6th / 13th / 20th July 8pm
Saturdays: 7th / 14th / 21st July 1pm AND 5pm (2 shows)
Sundays: 8th / 5th / 22nd July 1pm

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