Jun 192018

Witches of Eastwick

Audition Dates –

Individual vocal auditions – Tuesday 26th June (from 7:30pm) and Thursday 28th June (from 7.30pm). Please book your vocal audition time via Try Booking

Callbacks (upon invitation via email)

Dance audition – Monday 9th July (from 7:30pm)
Lead Call Backs – Tuesday 10th July (evening)

Character descriptions and requirements –

Alexandra Spofford
A divorcee, Alex is oldest of the three ‘witches’ and is often described as the ‘uniting and driving force of the group’. Alex is a passionate, albeit eccentric artist with an interest in the female body, as represented by her self-sculpted bubbie statues. Though she is a seemingly independent and sexually aware woman, Alex is riddled with insecurities (as a result of her life experiences) which affect her relationships with other characters, which eventually reveals a need for affection. Alex is also the mother to a teenage son, Michael.
Gender: Female
Stage age: 30 to 45
Vocal range: Low Gb – High Db

Jane Smart
Jane is a reserved musician (cellist), with an underlying desire for passion and sexual experience. Recently divorced (but long separated), Jane has an acid wit and sharp tongue, which only comes out around the 2 other ‘witches’. Jane’s development throughout the show encourages the idea that she doesn’t posses the capabilities to care or nurture relationships.
Gender: Female
Stage age: 25 to 40
Vocal range: Low Gb – Top C (above the stave)

Sukie Rougemont
Evidently the youngest of the three, Sukie is another divorcee. Sukie has an incapability to enunciate her thoughts and feelings, and this becomes clear in her interactions with characters outside of Jane and Alex. An avid reader and writer, Sukie is the reporter for Felicia Gabriel’s town paper, the Eastwick Word. Sukie is also having an affair with Felicia’s husband, Clyde.
Gender: Female
Stage age: 23 to 35
Vocal range: Low Gb – high Eb

Darryl Van Horne
The new guy in town, and the antagonist of Eastwick. Darryl is a chauvinistic, arrogant egotistical showman. He has a sharp wit, the tongue to match, and a passion for stirring the pot. With a dislike for rules and regulations, Darryl becomes the rival of Felicia Gabriel – taking enjoyment in tormenting and rebelling against her. Darryl is the catalyst for the townsfolk (in particular, the 3 ‘witches’) exploring their innermost desires, though he has a secret agenda.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 25 to 60
Vocal range: Low G# – High F# (sung / spoken)

Felicia Gabriel
The self-appointed leader of town, Felicia is Eastwick’s first lady. She wields an unshakable belief that she knows what is best for the town. Felicia’s style of dictatorship consists on saccharinity, which masks her use of rumour and gossip to keep herself atop the social hierarchy, and force conformity. Felicia takes an instant disliking for Darryl, making him her nemesis. Despite living in a loveless marriage to Clyde, and mothering a teenage, somewhat rebellious daughter, Felicia is a strong believer of keeping up appearances.
Gender: Female
Stage age: 40 to 60
Vocal range: Low G – High A (opt. Top C above the stave)

Jennifer Gabriel
Felicia’s daughter, Michael’s girlfriend. Jennifer is the opposite of her mother. She has a natural innocence. Though Jennifer is accustomed to putting on an act to keep her mother happy, she is experiencing her first encounter of young love with Michael, which urges her to escape and subtly rebel against the smothering presence of her mother.
Gender: Female
Stage age: 16 to 18
Vocal range: Low A – High D

Michael Spofford
Michael is the son of Alexandra. He is juvenile and somewhat removed from his mother – acting more as a friend, rather than a son. Michael shows moments of non-conformity, and, although initially timid, naïve and sweet, he finds his edge throughout the plot.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 16 to 20
Vocal range: Db – Top C above the stave

Clyde Gabriel
Clyde is the husband of Felicia. He is a pathetic, pitiful, suicidal man in his later years, dealing with a loveless marriage in which is a servant to his overbearing wife. Clyde finds an escape in his affair with Sukie Rougemont, which awakens a fraction of his younger self.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 40 to 60
Vocal range: Middle D to High D (mainly ensemble vocals)

Darryl’s Servant and butler. Fidel is a mute who serves Darryl unconditionally. He goes to lengths for his master, further than most realise.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 20 – 50
Vocal range: N/A

The Little Girl
Helps with the narration of the story. More to this character than initial appearance.
Gender: Female
Stage age: 10 to 15
Vocal range: Low B – High C

Town folk
Stage age: 18+
Gender: 6 Female / 4 Male
Vocal Ranges: Varied

Synopsis –

The Witches of Eastwick is a 2000 musical based on the novel of the same name by John Updike. It was adapted by John Dempsey (lyrics and book) and Dana P. Rowe (music), directed by Eric Schaeffer, and produced by Cameron Mackintosh.

The story is based around three female protagonists, the ‘Witches’ Alexandra Spofford, Jane Smart, and Sukie Rougemont. Frustrated and bored by their mundane lives in the town of Eastwick, a shared longing and desire for “all manner of man in one man” comes to life in the form of a charismatic stranger, a devil-like character, Darryl Van Horne. Seducing each of the women in turn Darryl teaches them how to further expand the powers locked within, though their new unorthodox lifestyle scandalises the town. As these powers become more sinister and events spiral out of control, the women come to realise that Darryl’s influence is corrupting everyone he comes into contact with and resolve to use their new-found strength to exile him from their lives.

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