Sep 192016

Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group auditions ‘Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf’ by Edward Albee
Directed by Natasha Boyd
2017 VDL Entry

contact info: Natasha Boyd director

Monday 21st November 7pm or 8pm or
Tuesday 22nd November 7pm or 8pm.
You’ll be there for approximately an hour.
Possible callbacks will be Wednesday 23rd November 7.30pm.

March 2, 3, 4, 5(matinee), 9, 10, 11, 12(matinee)
** Please note Mon 13th March is Labour Day public holiday so do not audition if you will be away for long weekend when performance is on.
Audition and Performance location: Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group theatre, Loeman St Strathmore


On a warm Saturday night in the early autumn of the 1950s, Nick, an opportunistic university professor and his wife are invited to an after party by the University President’s daughter Martha and her husband George, a senior professor. As the drinks flow and inhibitions are lowered, what is supposed to be a pleasant night cap quickly turns into something unexpected. As they talk about their pasts, a casual slip of the tongue reveals something tragic that has defined and shaped the older couple’s lives. Edward Albee’s work has captivated audiences for over 50 years on stage and film, and STAG is most happy to present this iconic play which will be their VDL entry for 2017.

Martha (Lead): Female, 45-55 a boisterous woman; the daughter of the President of the University; with quick-witted and often vicious eloquence, Martha seems to lay it all out on the table while simultaneously holding her cards close to her chest; her past is full of aspirations, broken dreams, and emotional trauma.

George (Lead): Male, 45-55 her husband; a brilliant academic who works for Martha’s father, he married his love before his career became a glaring disappointment; he rebels with a clever and sarcastic reverie that rivals his wife’s brutality.

Honey (Supporting): Female, 25-35 a rather plain, girl; she prefers laughing and lightness to complex conversations; fairly drunk throughout; married to Nick.

Nick (Supporting): Male, 25-35 Honey’s husband; well put-together, he is a newly-appointed faculty member in the Biology Dept. and looking to climb quickly up the career ladder.
Please note: ages are relative and relational. American accents will be expected for audition and performance.

we are also wanting to appoint a stage manager, assistant stage manager and sound designer / operator.

Audition information

For the audition, please come with a prepared monologue from the play (your choice, at least 10 lines) and be ready to also read from other pages of the script. You do not need to come both days, just one.
Rehearsal period: most likely be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sundays at a time to suit cast and director. There will be a break from 18th December to 8th January 2017. If you are currently in another show then we can work around those times on other days possibly in November and December.

For more information or to book an audition time, please contact: Natasha Boyd director
Auditionees will be required to submit their Theatre CV (ONE page only and include a headshot photo on that one page.) via email prior to audition. Scripts are available on loan from Victorian Drama League library