Jan 102018


Audition Information
Production Team:
Director: Danny Ginsberg
Assistant Director: Angela Ginsberg
Musical Director: Vicki Quinn
Choreographers: Mon & Tess Sabbatucci
Production Manager: Sean van Geyzel
Rehearsal Co-ordinator: Andrew McCormick

In June 2018, Windmill Theatre Company will be presenting the Victorian non-professional premiere season of Queen’s We Will Rock You at the City of Casey‘s amazing new theatre in Bunjil Place.

We are seeking the hottest rock voices and strong dancers to make up the cast of this full scale, spectacular show. Audition bookings are now open – to find out more and secure your audition slot check out the link below:

Audition Information:
Location: “The Factory Rehearsal Centre”
Building 5, Cranbourne Indoor Leisure Complex,
65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East.

Friday February 2nd 2018 – 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Saturday February 3rd 2018 – 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday February 4th 2018 – 10:00am to 2:00pm

Requirements: You are required to prepare selections from two contrasting vocal
numbers. We ask that your selections showcase either your vocal range and/or your ability
to perform a character in the style of the show. Song choice may be from musical
theatre, but does not have to be.
Please bring printed sheet music as you will be provided with piano accompaniment.
Strictly no transposing, CDs, backing tracks or numbers from the show. Auditionees may
need to complete a range or harmony test at their audition.
All performers may also be required to read an excerpt from the script as part of their
audition. Please bring a non-returnable headshot and performance resume to your
audition and arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked time.

Dance Call:
Location: “The Factory Rehearsal Centre”
Building 5, Cranbourne Indoor Leisure Complex,
65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road Cranbourne East.
Date: Sunday February 4th 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Requirements: Auditionees will be notified by text message to the number provided on
their audition form to advise whether they have progressed to the second stage of
auditions. Those that progress will be required to attend the dance call.
Please wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate.
Please arrive warmed up, and bring a water bottle.

Character List:
Galileo Figaro (Male 20-30): A young man, a rebel, and the central character; attractive,
sexy, vulnerable, sensitive, doesn’t fit in, restless, headstrong and stubborn; tense, lives on
his nerves, a dreamer; on a mission to accomplish something with his life; tries to find the
right way to fulfil his dreams. Vocal range: High rock voice with strong falsetto, D3- Bb4 in
full voice and strong falsetto to E5.

Scaramouche (Female 20-30): A sarcastic, hard-bitten cynical girl and Galileo’s love
interest, a rebel; deeply introverted and complex, a goth teenager, an awkward loner, a
misfit; uses her self-deprecating wit to cover her sensitivity and vulnerability; brittle, hard
and bitter; headstrong and stubborn, defensive; must be able to transform and blossom
as confidence grows; good comedic skills required. Vocal range: Strong rock belt, E3-E5.

Killer Queen (Female 25 – 45): The villain, an iconic figure; ruler of the world, amazing
rock/soul voice; older woman; camp, sexy, voluptuous, feisty, funny, powerful, and power
crazy, ruthless, the boss; every man’s dream of an older woman; strong movement is an
asset. Vocal range: Full soul/rock voice, E3 – E5.

Brit (Male 20 – 35): Main male Bohemian rebel, big gentle giant with a heart of gold;
strong, sexy, loveable, innocent, lots of energy, vibrant; very street and very cool; must be
a good mover. Vocal range: Full rock voice with “scream”, D3 to B4.
Meat (Female 20-30): Main female Bohemian rebel, rock chick; aggressive, street-wise,
sexy, womanly, tough, common, foul-mouthed, wild, worldly and experienced; must be
an excellent mover/strong dancer. Vocal range: Strong rock belt, A3-E5.

Commander Khashoggi (Male 25 -45): Killer Queen’s second-in-command, he is head of
Globalsoft’s police and carries out Killer Queen’s dirty work; a smooth operator, ruthless
and heartless; attractive, sophisticated, intelligent, sinister, cruel, cold but charming. Vocal
range: High rock baritone with strong falsetto, D3-A4 in full voice and strong falsetto to E5.

Pop/Rebel Leader (Male 30 – 60): Pop is an elderly librarian trying to figure out the exact
date the music died; bar man, ex-rebel; a hippie stand-up comic type, a cross between
George Carlin and Robin Williams; he’s worldly with a natural curiosity and passion for life
and music; good rock voice and comic skills required. The Rebel Leader is the official
leader of the Bohemian movement, a rather pompous figure who has made himself an
expert on the legend of rock and is perhaps a bit too pleased about it. Vocal range: Light
rock voice, pleasant baritone, E3-E4.
Ensemble: The ensemble will fill a variety of speaking and singing roles throughout the
show, and make up the Minor Bohemian characters, the Ga Ga Kids, Teachers, Teen
Queens, Yuppies, other Bohemians and Doctors.
Should have very strong rock voices and the ability to handle dialogue. We are seeking
strong dancers as well as strong singers, acrobatic skills are an asset. Females should have
a vocal range between E3–C6 with a strong, controlled belt/mix up to an F5; must also be
able to produce sultry alto notes as well as the ability to sing light and floaty in upper
register. Males should have a vocal range between C3–B4 and must be able to sustain
upper notes; some roles require a strong falsetto up to an F5.
Rehearsal Dates:
Location: T.J. Dance Studio –
14 Star Crescent, Hallam
First Rehearsal: Sunday 18th February, 2018 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Wednesday nights – 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Sunday afternoons – 1.00pm to 6.00pm
Rehearsal Camp: Bay Park, Mount Martha
April 20th – 22nd
Full Day Rehearsals: Saturday May 19th & Sunday May 20th
Sunday May 27th
Bump In: Saturday 2nd June
Sunday 3rd June 2018 (Cast to be available both days)

Theatre Rehearsal Dates:
Sitzprobe: Tuesday, May 29th – 7:30pm – 10:30pm
“The Factory”, Cranbourne East.

• Monday 4th June – Tech Only (Cast not required)
• Tuesday 5th June – Dry Tech Run – Cast Required unless
notified otherwise
• Dress Rehearsals: June 6th, 7th & 8th – All Cast Required

• Saturday, June 9th – 8pm
• Sunday, June 10th – 2pm
• Friday, June 15th – 8pm
• Saturday, June 16th – 2pm & 8pm
• Sunday, June 17th – 2pm
• Friday, June 22nd – 8pm
• Saturday, June 23rd – 8pm
• Sunday, June 24th – 2pm
Call times will be two hours prior to performance unless otherwise notified.

Bump Out: Sunday, June 24th – after final performance
Theatre Location: Bunjil Place Theatre,
2 Patrick North East Drive, Narre Warren VIC 3805
Cast members are expected to attend for costume fitting, publicity and promotional
events as required. (Berwick Show, Casey Kids’ Carnival and other events as they are

Show Fees:
Fees for adult cast are set at $270 comprising Windmill membership, Show Fee and Camp
Fee (two nights accommodation and meals included). A discounted fee of $250 will
apply to fees paid in full by March 31st 2018. Instalment options are also available.

Please note the following:
• Your photo will be taken by the company at time of your audition
• Any unavailability must be disclosed at time of audition
• Repeated non-attendance, particularly without explanation, may result in loss of role
within the show, or removal from the cast altogether
• Minimum age of auditionees is to be 16 years (as at 18/2/2018)
• Cast must adhere to the company code of conduct at all times
• No photos or videos of rehearsals, costumes, props, or choreography are to be
published (particularly on social media) without the express consent of the marketing
manager or production manager
• Windmill reserves the right to take photographs of cast members for casting, costumes,
make up, publicity and program purpose and these may be used in any form of media
• Cast will be required to provide their own hosiery, basic make up and shoes

To book an audition, call our Audition Secretary Elana Heitmann on 0419 526 730.

Any questions to clarify any of the above information should be directed to Elana when
booking your audition time. *Please note that bookings will not be taken between
December 27th and January 9th inclusive.

Cast announcement will occur via website and Facebook on February 10th 2018.
Company Information:
President: Sean van Geyzel
Vice President: Elana Heitmann
Secretary: Sarah Pursell
Treasurer: Kylie Fimmel
Committee Members: Megan Le Meire
Andrew McCormick
Danielle McKelvie
Alison Robbie
Alberto Salvato