Jun 212018


by Hayley Lawson-Smith

Auditions are being held on Monday the 6th of July from 4:30pm and Wednesday the 4th of July from 4.30pm.

Please email the director David Lawson-Smith at dlawsonsmith@bigpond.com to book an individual audition time.
Auditionees will be supplied with a reading at the audition.

Character Synopsis

– Belinda: 15 – 19 years. Playing 16 – 17. Caring, smart and mature for her years. Very patient.
– Amy: 12 – 15 years. Playing 13 – 14. Dreamy, loves fantasy worlds, imaginative, but slightly sad and headstrong.
– Zordana: 15 – 19 years. Playing 17. Warrior Princess.Tough, fearless, regal and physically fit, she is very heroic.
– Peter: 15 – 19 years. Playing 17. Sporty. Passionate, perhaps slightly immature but he is incredibly loyal to those he loves, especially his little sister.
– Maddie: 12 – 14 years. Playing 13 – 14. Bright, imaginative, and caring, just a little bit shy and awkward.

All adults working on this production in contact with the actors will have a current Working with Children card. Parents and guardians are able to attend rehearsals.

There are many different types of heroes and many of them are unsung or unheard of. In Zordana’s land, a hero fights bravely in the open field, destroying monsters and dark magic. In Amy’s world, her hero is the sister who takes care of her. In Maddie’s world, her hero is her brother, who may tease her mercilessly but loves her dearly. Unknown to all of them, it is the Warrior Queen Zordana who will bring them altogether to fight the hardest of battles.

Rehearsal / production dates

Rehearsals from 1st of August, Wednesdays 7.00pm to 8.30pm, Saturdays 4.30pm to 6pm. Rehearsals in Caulfield South or St Kilda, Victoria.

Performances at Theatre Works, St Kilda from 25th to 30th of September x 6.

A Dramatic Pause Theatre Company production for Melbourne Fringe 2018 at Theatre Works.
Please email or phone the director David Lawson-Smith with any questions on dlawsonsmith@bigpond.com or 0402 464645.