Nov 272018

The Toorak Rules

– this is a paid position

Audition Dates:  3rd – 7th Dec

Character descriptions and requirements

Richard, is former RAF Squadron Leader, and Battle of Britain hero, in his late 40’s early 50s. A businessman, he is formal, urbane, politically minded, a pragmatist, and a conservative. A man, that was attractive, but that attraction has since diminished as his physical being has aged and his drinking has had its effect. He is very much “old Melbourne”, and to him and his wife, the family “name” (reputation) is very important. He is not free of pomposity or insecurities.


This play explores the social fabric of Toorak at that time, and the operation of that fundamental divide between Catholics and non-Catholics. In particular, it focuses on its effect on one Church of England family, and their interaction, in contentious circumstances, with another, Catholic, family. One premise of this play is that the loftier the social position occupied by the upper class of Melbourne at that time, the more rigid were the rules that applied to them, and the less room there was for movement towards a defiance of them. Put another way, save for those very few who were happy to ignore conventions, and to pay the price (for there was a price), life for most of those in Toorak was governed by severe, sometimes stultifying, norms. Any deviation from them was noted, and it was brought to account, in the attitudes of others.

Suburb & state: South Yarra, Victoria

Contact info:  9670 3378 or email:  Andrew Joseph

Company Name Strongman & Crouch