Mar 172017

The Seafarer by Conor McPherson

Director: Bruce Akers

Production Coordinator: Peter Newling


Season dates: September 7-23


Audition dates:

Sunday 2 July   10.00 am to 12.00pm

Monday 3 July   7.00-10.00pm

Rehearsal days will be:

Tuesday and Thursday             7:00pm- 10:30pm

Friday                                          as required

Sunday                                        1:00pm- 6:00pm

Auditions by appointment only:

Until 2 May, contact Peter Newling,

From 3 May, contact Bruce Akers, or 0432 984 781

Venue:  Williamstown Little Theatre, 2-4 Albert Street, Williamstown


Audition requirements:

  • Auditionees are to bring a filled in audition form downloaded from and a non returnable headshot.
  • Scripts will be available at the theatre 30 minutes prior to each audition.
  • Accents: East coast Irish English, specifically North Dublin. Auditionees should attempt an accent at the audition. We will use a dialogue coach at the beginning of the rehearsal period. Guides to this accent are easily found on the internet.



It is Christmas Eve in Baldoyle, a coastal suburb north of Dublin. James “Sharky” Harkin, erstwhile fisherman/van driver/ chauffeur,  finds himself reluctantly hosting old friends at the dingy house he shares with his brother, Richard, who has recently gone blind.

A source of early conflict stems from  Richard inviting Nicky Gilbin – Sharky’s rival for his ex-wife – to join the men for a “friendly” game of poker. Trusted ally, Ivan, is to make up the numbers. Nicky unexpectedly arrives with the mysterious Mr. Lockhart, a man of refined appearance.  A lot of booze and card playing carry the men into

Christmas Day, when Sharky must face up to the grim promise he made decades ago.


Please note: the ages are indicative only

James “Sharky” Harkin.   Forties/ Fifties.

Fisherman/van driver/chauffeur. Aiming to get through the Christmas period alcohol-free. His brother’s carer. “A very tough life is etched on his face”. Visibly showing the effects of a recent bar fight.


Richard Harkin. Fifties/ Sixties.

Sharky’s older brother, recently gone blind. Unshaven, alcoholic, argumentative.

Loves a drink and a card game. Sociable but constantly at odds with Sharky. The brothers have a wholly disfunctional, passive- aggressive relationship.


Ivan Curry. Forties/ Fifties.

An old friend of the brothers. Big, burly man. Naturally friendly, a follower, always losing his glasses.


Nicky Gilbin. Forties/ Fifties.

A friend of Richard. Rival of Sharky for the affections of Sharky’s ex-wife. Nervy, skinny, gregarious.


Mr Lockhart. Fifties.

Commanding nature. Game player. Mysterious. A man of refined appearance. Elegantly dressed but can be frightening once the façade is dropped.