May 132019

The Real Inspector Hound AND Black Comedy

Two One-Act Plays
Tom Stoppard’s 1968 The Real Inspector Hound and Peter Shaffer’s 1965 Black
Comedy were first paired as a single production in 1998. This is a double of two one-
act comedies that feature the same cast of eight playing different characters in each

Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy is a play that is called a comedy in black, as the stage
lighting is in complete opposite to what the actors have to imagine. When the stage
is lit the actors are in complete darkness, and when the stage is dark the actors have
light. The plot involves a young sculptor who arranges an evening at home with
guests … and then the lights fail! A classic farce which occurs during a blackout. The
characters are seen shambling around by the audience but invisible to one another.
The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard features two feuding theatre critics, the
first a feisty philanderer and the other a pompous second rate reviewer who are both
criticising from the side but are gradually swept into the whodunit they are viewing.

CAST: 5 Males and 3 Females
 The Real Inspector Hound characters in BOLD;
 Black Comedy characters in plain italics
ACCENTS: Upper and common class English accents and GermanPossible
pairings of characters, but subject to change

1.Moon    A conniving and second string theatre critic
/ Brindsley Miller    A young sculptor (20’s to 30’s ) attractive but nervous and uncertain of himself

2. Birdboot   Theatre critic and womaniser
/ Colonel Melkett    Carol’s brisk, barky and commanding father (middle aged)

3. Mrs Drudge   Cockney maid

/ Miss Furnival    Middle-aged lady. Repressed, prissy and refined. Not used to drinking alcohol

4. Simon    Confident seducer of women
/ George Bamberger    Elderly German millionaire art collector

5. Cynthia    Sophisticated and beautiful widow.
/ Carol Melkett Brindsley’s fiancée, a young ,pretty and spoiled debutante.

6.Felicity     Cynthia’s sweet, charming, beautiful, innocent young friend

/ Clea Mid-twenties emotional, bright and mischievous ex-mistress of Brindsley

7.Magnus Jealous & crippled half brother who desires Cynthia
/ Harold Gorringe Early to late 30’s possessive and hysterical owner of an antique shop

8. Inspector Hound An inspector!
/ Schuppanzingh Chubby effervescent and cultivated German refugee (middle aged)

Audition Details
Auditions by appointment only.
You will only be granted a 15 minute audition slot AFTER you have read copies of both
plays which the director will forward to you once you have emailed an expression of
Auditions will involve a character reading of specific sections of the plays in for each
character. Due to the limitation of time and in particular with the various male characters
please limit your preferred audition roles to just 2 characters.

Audition dates
Sunday 8th September at WLT theatre from 8pm
Monday 9th September at WLT theatre from 7pm

Audition and rehearsal venue: Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 Albert Street Williamstown.

As parking in the area can be tight, you are advised to allow time to find a parking spot.
An electronic copy of the script will be provided, together with a list of sections to be
read at audition for each character.

Please bring to the audition a completed WLT Audition Form downloaded from, together with a non returnable head shot. Theatre
resume can be added to the form or attached. No roles have been pre-cast.

For enquiries and to book an audition time please contact the Director, Gaetano
Santo by email on
Information for prospective auditionees:
Rehearsals will be 7.30–10pm on every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and
6pm–9pm Sundays.
Actors need to be able to commit unconditionally not only for an entire performance
season but also for all scheduled rehearsals at which their attendance is required.