Jul 232018

The Mountaintop

by Katori Hall

Director: Kris Weber

 Audition dates:  Wednesday Sep 5 and Monday Sep 10 from 8pm

Venue for auditions, rehearsals and performances:

Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 Albert St. Williamstown

Auditions are by appointment only

Season dates: 6-23 February 2019 (16 performances)

Rehearsal times:

 Rehearsals will normally be 3 evenings a week excluding weekends to begin with. Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7.45 – 10.30 are the proposed days and times. Some weekend rehearsals will be slotted in to accommodate full dress rehearsals.

The Mountaintop
is set in Memphis Tennessee in room 306 of The Lorraine Motel on Mulberry Street. It is April 3 1968 and Dr Martin Luther King Jnr. enters his room exhausted, after a busy day of campaigning –  he has just delivered his famous and inspirational ‘I’ve been to the mountaintop’ speech. The Civil rights Movement is in full swing and King is in Memphis to support the black sanitation workers as they strike for better pay and working conditions.. It will be his last evening on Earth as King will be assassinated the following day – April 4 1968 –  while standing on his balcony just outside the door of his room.

The play concerns itself with an imagined conversation between King and a maid, Camae, The conversation begins lightly but soon King is asked to confront his life, his past, his legacy and the future of African Americans.

A potent, very human, and oft-times, witty tale about one of the most influential and vital leaders of the American Civil Rights movement.


  • Dr Martin Luther King Jnr. (African American) age late 30 – early 40

King was 39 when assassinated

  • Camae (African American) 30 – 40 a maid

Character Requirements:

There will be no colour blind casting, as stipulated by the playwright. Actors need not be African American born however black actors are required. Southern American accents will also be required. King was born in Atlanta Georgia and Camae’s accent will be down home Tennessee. There is enough source material on the internet re. King’s voice – tone, cadence, rhythm -, please listen to it. Camae needs a very convincing Southern accent as well. She is a sassy black woman who represents a time in history and a station in life but she is in no way a stereotype.. She is saucy and daring and challenges King. The actor playing this role will need to be bold and brassy but  empathic and encouraging. She is fearless. She is also an activist. She has an irreverent sense of humour. She is flirty.


The actor playing King will be required to bring the charisma, charm and power of King to the stage BUT the play shows us a different King – a more human and vulnerable man. A more ordinary man who is sick and very tired and maybe even aware of his own mortality.

The actor playing King will absolutely need to be open to working toward finding the essence of King. Practically, he will also need to grow a moustache and be open to transforming, physically, as close to King as we can get.

Both actors will also be required to smoke herbal cigarettes.

This is a remarkable acting opportunity  for the right actors!

Audition requirements and booking a time:

 – Please read the play prior to attending audition

– Please prepare a 3 – 5 minute monologue, with accent.

– There will also be opportunity to read from the play

– please check performance dates and ensure you are available for all before booking an audition

– Bring a completed audition form downloaded from www.wlt.org.au/auditions together with a non-   returnable headshot (does not need to be a studio shot)


Enquiries and audition appointments:

Kris Weber, Director: kris@keweber.com

Please note: Williamstown Little Theatre is a community theatre and as such actors are not paid.