Dec 212018

The Exorcism By Don Taylor

Director: Les Hart

Production Coordinator: Shirley Sydenham

Audition dates and times: Saturday February 9th from 1pm and Sunday February10th from 12 pm Auditions are by appointment only. Call back, if required, Monday February 11th – 7.30pm

Audition and performance venue: Williamstown Little Theatre 2 Albert Street, Williamstown 3016

Season dates: 17 April – 4 May 16 performances: Tues-Sat nights 8.15pm; Sundays 5pm

Synopsis: Rachel and Edmund, proud of the renovation work they have done to their 17th century cottage, invite their good friends, Dan and Margaret, to join them for Christmas. Later, as Rachel plays a piece of music, she suddenly gets a sinister feeling of déjà vu. Then, as they sit down for dinner, the electricity fails along with the phone line. A winter storm or something else?

As events in the cottage grow ever stranger, the story of its previous residents unfolds. This has a most unexpected impact on the current occupants. A chilling tale.

Characters (2M, 2F): Edmund – 40-ish, Middle-class English accent – has working class roots but likes that he has money to spend and is glad to be able to be showing that. Rachel – Edmund’s wife, mid to late 30s, Middle-class English accent – warm but intense, more introverted than the others Dan – 40-50, English accent – Larger than Edmund and is a close friend. He is a journalist – cynical and a little bitter about life’s iniquities Margaret – mid-thirties up to Dan’s age, English accent – down to earth, more stable than Rachel and not easily swayed towards the possibility of the supernatural. An air of class about her.

Audition requirements: It is essential that you read the script before auditioning. Be able to demonstrate your ability with the accent. Please bring to your audition a completed audition form downloaded from together with a non-returnable headshot (studio shot not necessary)

For audition appointments, all enquiries about the production or obtaining a script, please contact Les Hart – or Shirley Sydenham –

Rehearsals will be held at Williamstown Little Theatre on two weekday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Start date and times to be advised.

WLT is a community theatre and as such actors are not paid