Jun 262018

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield

Directed by Peter Newling

Production Coordinator: Barbara Hughes


 Audition  Dates: Tuesday  28 and Wednesday  29 August, from 7:30pm  

Season  Dates: 15  November to  1 December

Audition  and performance  venue: Williamstown  Little Theatre, 2 Albert  Street Williamstown

Character  Descriptions:  

3  x Males  

No  defined  age range,  but I’ve always  imagined them to be  somewhere between 25 and  40 years of age.

I’m  looking  for three  actors with  an unusual skills  mix:

  1. Each  must be totally  comfortable with audience  interaction. There’s no fourth  wall here. 2. Each must be an  experienced and proficient improvisor.  Although the piece is fully

scripted,  much of the  byplay is improvised,  and will vary from night  to night. 3. Each must be  confident and accomplished in the  delivery of Shakespearean dialogue.

It’s  a high  energy piece,  so the need to  be able to keep up  a frenetic pace over two  acts is essential. Excellence  in physical comedy is a must.

Each  actor must  also be confident  in the delivery of  a range of UK accents.  


Audition  Pieces:

At  the auditions,  I’ll be asking auditionees  to complete two tasks:

  1. From  the script.  Deliver Daniel’s  opening monologue,  found on page 1 of  the script then

Jess’s  first monologue  on page 2, then  Adam’s first monologue  which starts on page 5.   Show me something different  with each read. 2. Not from  the script. Come prepared to deliver  one Shakespearean monologue of the

auditionee’s  choice. It is  important that you  do not try and make  it funny – that’s not  the point. I want to know  that you understand the text and  the meter of Shakespearean text.

  Auditions  by appointment  only To book an  audition, make an enquiry,  get information re script,  please email the director via   peter.newling@gmail.com