Apr 072018

“The Communication Cord”

by Irish playwright, Brian Friel.


This play will be presented at the Langwarrin Performing Arts Centre.

We are urgently seeking interest from potential cast and crew members and encourage you to call either David McCall (Director) on 0423168620 or Carol McCall (Coordinator) on 0423186098.  Production details below:

Frankston Theatre Group Inc

Individually, by appointment to fit your availability.

The Communication Cord
by Brian Friel

a priceless farce which proceeds from deception to deception gaining momentum
as more and more elements are introduced
Lecturer Tim has a scheme to borrow the ancestral Donegal home of his lawyer friend Jack for an hour.  The plan is to impress Senator Dr Donovan, father of his sweetheart Susan.  The scheme goes horribly and hilariously wrong when unexpected houseguest Claire refuses to play along.  Local busybody Nora, wealthy German, Barney the Banks, and Jack’s French girlfriend, Evette, along with the house itself (which seems to be possessed of a mischievous nature), provide a recipe for a drawing-room farce of constant confusion and miscommunication.


Tim Gallagher, 20s-30s, serious, studious
Jack McNeilis, 20s-30s, fast talking, self-confident
Barney the Banks, 40-50 wealthy German
Senator Donovan, 60s-70s
Nora Dan, 60s-70s, single countrywoman
Claire Harkin, 30ish, competent, open, humorous
Susan Donovan, 30ish, pretty, pert and self-assured
Evette Giroux, 20s, sophisticated, stylish, French

The play is set in Ballybeg, Donegal, a fictitious town in Northern Ireland.   The accents will be neutral with the occasional word to indicate the location.
Rehearsal dates will be agreed with the cast, however, minimum of twice per week with extras as needed due to the reduced lead time.
Performances 8 pm 29 & 30 June6 & 7 July.  Matinees 2pm 1 & 8 July