Feb 142018

‘That Awkward Trilogy’

Audition Dates – 18th March from 6pm onwards

Characters:Evan – is the groom, unsure of his marriage, but doesn’t want to die alone. He is easily wound up most of the time but appreciates intellect in a partner.

Janice – is the bride. She’s young and spoiled, but with a sweet and unassuming nature. Wants the perfect wedding, thinking she has the perfect husband.

Joey – is the best man, a self proclaimed ladies man, likes to hit the drink quite hard. Loves to stir up trouble with everyone, including his best friends.

Lane – is one of Janice’s giggling bridesmaids, schoolgirl types, always getting sucked in by Joey’s plans. Lane has a bitchy nature and hates Anna.
(The actress cast as Lane will also play different roles in the second two installments)
Brian and Mark – The boy equivalent of Marie and lane, except their main objective of the wedding is to sleep with the bridesmaids, who love to encourage their attentions.
Ms Moore – Deidre Moore is the mother of the Groom. She is divorced and loves the attention of younger men, much to her sons distaste. She has her eye on the groomsmen.
Play summaries:
‘That Awkward Moment’
Are there any weddings that aren’t stressful? Unsure groom Evan Moore and enthusiastic bride Janice Jones are about to find out just how much stress this supposedly happy occasion can cause. Throw in an estranged sister, trouble-making groomsmen and warring parents, this may not be a recipe for a successful wedding, but it definitely will be an entertaining one.
‘That Awkward Christmas’
A year after the events of ‘That Awkward Moment’, the Jones family have escaped a hot Australian summer to spend Christmas in snowy England. Everyone has had a drama filled year, everyone has secrets and everyone is about to find out that while this Christmas may not be a quiet one, it will be one they won’t forget.
‘Well, That’s Awkward’
The final installment in the ‘Awkward trilogy’. With another wedding looming and a baby on the way, the young people in this family are about to find out that even though their parents seem to have it all together, they all have past secrets that can come back and bite them at any time. This family may not be able to pull of a wedding without a hitch, but it sure is funny to watch everything fall apart.

Suburb & state – Montrose, Victoria

Contact info – Hannah Bird, grovertheatreco@gmail.com

Company Name – Grover Theatre Company (GTC)

Directed by two time Lyrebird Award winning Tony Bird.

We understand this is a huge commitment so please bear in mind we are looking to cast for all three shows.

To book an audition please email grovertheatreco@gmail.com. If you’re wanting to read the script let Hannah know in your email and she’ll be happy to send one over.

Please note some roles have been precast, but the roles listed are all open for audition.