Oct 222018

Stepping Out

by Richard Harris

Directed by Renee Belsey

Choreographer – Rachel Brooks

Saturday 15th December 1pm and Monday 17th  December 2018 at 7.30pm

Joy Bevan Theatre, Werribee Secondary College, Duncans Road, Werribee.


Commence Tuesday 29th January

Tuesday 7.30pm / Thursday 8pm

Saturday 2pm


Friday 10th May 8pm

Saturday 11th May 8pm

Friday 17th May 8pm

Saturday 18th  2pm & 8pm

(Possible) Friday 24th May 8pm

(Possible) Saturday 25th May 8pm

Auditions will be held at the Joy Bevan Theatre, located at Werribee Secondary College, Duncan’s Road, Werribee.


All rehearsals/performances will be held at Crossroads Theatre, Cnr Synnot Street and Duncans Road, Werribee.

This is a comedy about the attempts of some amateur tap dancers to overcome their inhibitions and left feet in a low-rent dance studio in North London.

Mavis, a former professional chorus girl tries her hardest to teach the bumbling amateurs some terpsichorean skills for an upcoming recital. But before the dancing begins Mavis must mediate the minor dramas that erupt amongst this motley but loveable crew on their way to triumph at their recital.

Basic tap knowledge is preferred, but not essential.  See character notes for tap proficiency. Auditionees will be taught a short tap routine to perform at the audition, nothing serious – we’ll have a laugh while we do it!  If you have tap shoes, bring them along, but it’s not a requirement.

Characters (1m 9f)

Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle), Parts for Senior Actors

Mavis – the teacher, ex-pro dancer, 30 – 40 Considerate, organised and always obviously in charge of the group.

Required: proficient tap-dancer

Lynne – eager to please, understatedly pretty, never wears make-up, about 20-25, a student nurse.

Required: confident tapper 


Dorothy small, anxious, birdlike, between 25 – 45, habit of repeating other people’s last words.…. people’s last words.

Dorothy is a timid tapper.


Maxine Confident, business woman, big diamond rings, 30 – 40. Maxine is a confident tapper.


Andy (woman), 25 – 40, timid, bullied by her husband. Andy isn’t a very good tapper at the start of the show.


Geoffrey shy, quiet, honest, a bit bumbling, widower, has a crush on Andy, 30 – 40.  Geoffrey is the silent tapper, plodding away at the back.



Sylvia bubbly, flirty, over-ample curves! Chews gum all the time, 20 – 35. Sylvia tries hard with a smile, but is often on the wrong foot or heading in the wrong directing.



Rose larger than life, African or Asian, wearing obvious wig and lots of finger rings, 30 – 40. Rose has never taps, but that never stops her!



Vera neat, proper, snob, but well-meaning, expensive tastes in clothes (but doesn’t quite get it right), immaculate hair & make-up, aspiring middle-class, 35 – 40.

Tap Ability – confident

Mrs. Fraser the pianist, 50-70 + ish, coat & hat, reads magazines, intolerant, sarcastic, grumpy, believes she is doing everyone a favour just by being there.

Required: must be able to play the piano


Auditions by appointment only – please contact Director- Renee Belsey on renee.belsey@gmail.com