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Shakespeare in Saigon

Comedy/Drama for 5 females and 1 male.
Season March 17 to April 1
Auditions November 20 and 21
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It’s Pygmalion in Footscray. David Cadwallader is about to retire as a high school English Literature teacher but suddenly faces major problems. He plans to travel, enjoy theatre and write but his family and fortunes head south. He moves house to a new world – a foreign suburb.
Kim Thanh Nguyen is a young Vietnamese woman recently arrived in Melbourne. She’s had an amazing life’s journey, speaks no English and is an outworker making clothes for a pittance. She lives with her paternal grandparents who speak only Vietnamese.
Julia is David’s elderly widowed mother. She’s in poor health, or thinks she is, is wealthy and selfish. These three main characters form part of a love story with a difference.
Auditions will be held at the Fleigner Hall, 31- 39 Highland Ave, East Oakleigh, on Sunday November 20, from 4.00 pm, and Monday November 21 from 7.30 pm.

60s, brilliant but unconventional teacher. Big role being on stage throughout the play. How he relates to the five women in the play reveals his personality and nature
Young Vietnamese woman, speaks no English but is fluent in Vietnamese
David’s elderly mother, a widow, wealthy and a complainer
Year 12 student in David’s English Literature class, cheeky and appreciates her ‘ancient’ teacher
David’s school principal, good public speaker, 45+
David’s wife, cold-hearted, 45+, argumentative, going through a difficult time
Type of production

Company Name and Suburb
Encore Theatre Company – Clayton