Jan 302019
Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
Audition Dates: Sunday Feb 3rd 10 am – 5pm
Character Descriptions
  • Liza Doolittlle – 20s – an independent, and not at all romantic, young woman who is desperate to do better in life. From a sassy, smart-mouthed flower girl with terrible English, to a sassy, regal figure fit to marry royalty.
  • Henry Higgins – 30s or 40s – A linguistic professor who struggles to see the importance of social requirements, especially when they get in the way of science. He is impatient with high society and does not suffer fools lightly.
  • Colonel Pickering – 50+ – An upper class academic who is kind and considerate of Liza and her situation, however Pickering can get caught up in the “game” Higgins challenge. He is a gentle soul, the calm reserve to Higgins enthusiasm.
  • Mrs Higgins – 50+ – A very elegant woman who is not surprised by much anymore despite Henry’s efforts to push social boundaries. Mrs Higgins is focused on maintaining appropriate standards and is very much used to correcting whatever unusual occurrences arise. Extra: Will be a bystander in Act I with a speaking part so two accents/voices will be needed
  • Freddy Eynsford Hill – 20s – A bit of a fool lacking in spine and resourcefulness, Freddy is happy to be at his mother and sisters beck and call. He is also blinded by Liza and presents a viable marriage pathway for Liza by the play’s close.
  • Doolittle – 40+ – A streetwise and opportunistic bludger. Despite his position in life he is a smart con man and is very comfortable thinking on his feet and spinning a tale to which he is sure to come out on top. The silver tonged devil. Extra: Will be a bystander in Act I with a speaking part so two accents/voices will be needed
  •  Mrs Eynsford Hill – 40+ – Although she is a woman of luxury and holds no importance in higher education, she is aware that her family is declining in society. Mrs E-H does what she can to maintain her social standing despite what her children lack.
  • Clara Eynsford Hill – 20s – A proper debutant “Miss” of the upper class, Clara is not aware of and does not care for anything outside of her social engagements and being a lady. Clara is the contrast to Liza, not her competition.
  • Mrs Pearce – 30+ – The no nonsense house keeper of Higgins. She acts as a pseudo conscience to the house hold and, though holds no negative feelings towards anyone, has a strong sense of what is proper and right by society. Extra: Will be a bystander in Act I with a small speaking part so two accents/voices will be needed
  • Servant – F/M – 20+ – Mrs Higgins servant who will wait upon her and her guests. Respectful and in the background. Characterisation and name is also open to personal development. Extra: This role will also be the “Master of Ceremonies” of sort and will speak before each act to the audience. This will be a chance for the character to either reveal their true nature when not in company, or treat the audience like they are also of the genteel class. You will also be a bystander in Act I with a small speaking part so two accents/voices will be needed
  • Bystanders – M/F – Adult age range – A range of social classes and a number of small speaking parts to depict the streets of London at night and after the opera. Characterisation is open to personal development. You will also double up either as Henry or Mrs Higgins servants and act as stage hands changing sets in a fluid way. Two distinct accents will be needed, one lower class and one middle class.


When linguistics professor Henry Higgins boasts that he can pass off Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle as a princess with only six months’ training, Colonel George Pickering takes him up on the bet. Eliza moves into Higgins’s home and begins her rigorous training after the professor comes to a financial agreement with her dustman father, Alfred. But the plucky young woman is not the only one undergoing a transformation.
Rosebud, Vic
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Company: Southern Peninsula Players