Feb 282018

Four hilarious comedies!

Eltham Little Theatre

Melbourne, Victoria

Performance dates: 27 April – 14 May


When: Sunday 4 March and Monday 5 March 2018
Where: Rehearsal Room and Foyer, Eltham Performing Arts Centre,1603 Main Road, Research

Each play has been allocated a specific time.

Roses are Red, My Love by Pat Woods
Directed by Brooke Cowley

Sunday 4 March at 7pm
Monday 5 March at 7pm
Where: Foyer
Enquiries: Brooke at liveyourlove@live.com

Two lovely grandmotherly ladies who wouldn’t hurt a fly confess to doing considerably more than that!
A funny, unexpected play that follows two women who are *frenemies* as they spend their old age in a little village.

Characters – 2F
Susan Westfield – F, 50-70
Lovely chatty elderly woman who loves gardening.
Olga Bell – F, 60-80
Slightly more astute elderly woman with a sharper tongue and an ever greater love of gardening

Other information:
The fourth wall is frequently broken in this play so the actresses need to be comfortable talking directly to the audience. They are immediately recognisable ‘types’ who turn out to be quite decidedly unlike your usual grandmother.
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Red Hot in Amsterdam by Patricia Robinson
Directed by Samuel Bliss

Sunday 4 March at 6pm
Monday 5 March at 7pm
Where: Foyer
Enquiries: Samuel, 0477 860 663 or samuel.k.bliss@gmail.com

Running from Amsterdam police, diamond thieves Frank and Mickey find an open window, clamber inside, and discover they are in a brothel! They hide the diamonds and escape, planning to return later. Two working girls, Corrine and Kora, find the diamonds and move them to a vase, but their boss, Madame Celestine, finds them in turn and vows to keep them. Mistaken identity and chaos ensues!

Characters – 3F / 3 M
Corrine – F, 25-35
Slight French accent – A bickering sex-worker in Amsterdam’s red light district
Kora – F, 25-35
Slight Dutch/European accent – A bickering sex-worker in Amsterdam’s red light district
Frank – M, 25-45
A rough around the edges British burglar
(Must be comfortable in “Erotic Female” drag style costume for part of the play).
Mickey – M, 25-45
Confident, more experience but equally clueless British burglar
Chief of Police – M, 45-55
Slight European accent – The troubled and at times clueless Chief of Amsterdam police
Madame Celestine – F, 45-55
Slight European accent – The owner of the brothel, still in mourning from the death of her husband

Other information:
Age ranges provided are a guideline and there may be exceptions, particularly Corrine, Kora, Frank and Mickey could be older or younger without harming the integrity of the plot.

The part of Man (thief) at the play’s ending may be played by a male cast member following a costume change.
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Home is the Hunted by R. F. Delderfield
Directed by Sean McKenna

Sunday 4 March at 5pm
Monday 5 March at 8.15pm
Where: Rehearsal Room
Enquiries: Sean, 0411 145 974 / kinchdedalus@me.com

Oscar has just been sentenced to a long stretch in prison – again! After leaving the court he escapes home to hide. His women welcome him with open arms and enter wholeheartedly into making various impractical and hilarious plans to conceal him. A slapstick cockney comedy romp!

Characters – 4F, 2M
Maimie Sopworth – F 20s – Oscar’s daughter.
Ada Sopworth – F 40s – Oscar’s wife.
Cora Saferelli – F 40s – Oscar’s sister.
Emma Sopworth – F 50+ – Oscar’s Mother
Oscar Sopworth – M 40s
Detective Sergeant Wilton – M 40+

Other information
All characters (except Detective Sergeant Wilson) have cockney accents.
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A Fete Worse Than Death by Chris Hodson
Directed by Lisa McNiven

Sunday 4 March at 6pm
Monday 5 March at 7.15pm
Where: Rehearsal Room
Enquiries: Lisa, 0410.567.834 | lm.mcniven@optusnet.com.au

The Reverend Goode has trouble on his hands. The annual church fete is approaching and there are rumblings within the church community that something needs to be done to ‘jazz it up a bit’. A very funny look at how St Swithen’s is forced to move with the times. Will the fete make money this year? And at what cost?

Characters – 5M / 5F
Marjorie Goode – F, 50s
Vicar’s Wife. Bright and cheery, not overbearing.
Rev Ian Goode – M, 50s
Old fashioned and stayed Vicar.
Sally – F, late teens-20s
Their Daughter. Free spirit, bubbly, optimistic.
Mathew – M, 20’s
Sally’s Boyfriend. Laid Back.
Mavis Taggert – F, 50-70
Older lady, “doer”, Reliable, doesn’t like change.
Norman Whittle – M, 40-60
Verger. Dotes on Vicar, “Yes” man.
Lorainne Carstairs – F, 50-60
Mousey in appearance but not timid, fastidious.
David Carstairs – M, 50-60
Treasurer. Very conservative. No sense of humour.
Simon Thornton – M, 20-30s
Creative, enterpreneurish.
Barbara Naylor – F, 20-30s
Church Warden. Solid, fit, masculine in appearance

Other information:
All characters to have English Accents. Type as determined by character interpretation.