Jun 062018

On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson,

directed by Roderick Chappel:

Season performances 7 to 22 September.

Eltham Little Theatre

Research, Victoria 

Auditions will be held at Eltham Little Theatre at  7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Monday 25 June and Wednesday 27 June.



On Golden Pond is a warm, witty and moving play.  Ethel and Norman Thayer come to spend summer – as for years they have spent every summer – in their rural retreat on the edge of Golden Pond, which is a lake in the forests of rural Maine.  Norman is struggling with the onset of old age, and Ethel is starting to struggle with Norman.  Unexpectedly their daughter Chelsea, who has kept away for many years because of her relationship with Norman, visits her parents.  She brings her new boyfriend Bill and Bill’s teenage son Billy.  Chelsea and Bill go on holiday to Europe  and leave Billy with Ethel and Norman.  Billy and Noman form a mutually supportive relationship which provides a new purpose to Norman’s life.


Norman Thayer, aged 79, trying – with only modest success – to come to terms with old age.  “He is flirting with senility, and knows it, and plays it to the hilt.”

Ethel Thayer, aged 69, warm and energetic.  She loves Noman, but is finding him increasingly difficult.

Charlie Martin, aged 44, the mailman, cheerful, rustic, locally born and bred.

Chelsea Thayer Wayne, aged 42, Ethel’s and Norman’s divorced daughter, with a sense of humour but ill at  ease with Norman.

Bill Bray, aged early 40s, Chelsea’s new boyfriend, a dentist, a good, decent man, but sometimes a little too serious.

Billy Bray, aged 13, eager, flippant, naïve

Please Note:

These will be open auditions.

Please book for either evening by contacting the Director, Roderick Chappel on 9718-0486 (after hours) or roderickchappel@ozemail.com.au.  When booking, please indicate the role or roles you are interested in.

The ages given below are those in the script, but there is some room for age flexibility in casting.

American accents are required.

Norman and Ethel are major roles; the other four parts are important supporting roles, with between 62 and 133 lines

If you book an audition but decide later not to attend, please let the Director know.