Mar 052018


Audition Dates – Sunday March 11th @ 230pm, Monday March 12th @ 730pm @ Malvern TC

29 Burke Road, East Malvern, Victoria  3145, Australia

Character Descriptions and requirements – 


Miss Woods – Headmistress – 60+, Dignified and sincere. Buckles under the manipulative ways of Miss Kingsbury


Miss Portia Kingsbury  (Deputy Headmistress)  – Authorative, manipulative, get what she wants


Mrs MacNeil –  40’s +  – Realistic, a ‘mother’ figure to the younger staff.


Miss Maragret Sole –40’s +, Dowdy and unfashionable but has an air of vitality about her.


Miss Gwyn Carwithen – Late 20’s early 30’s – Full of life. Take’s life as it is but wants change


Miss Sheila Ray – Late 20’s early 30’s – Was strong but now broken psychologically and physically by the manipulative ways of Miss Kingsbury


Miss Dora Pearl – 40’s+ – Faded and fluttery although she privately considers to be a ‘delicate air’.  Good friends with Miss Hammond


Miss Charlotte Bate  – 40’s+  Self important. Has an ingratiating manner that sometimes becomes almost obsequious.


Miss Rose Hammond – 40’s+ – Grimmed face and insincere to most. Good friends with Miss Pearl

Synopsis – 

Set over a three-day period in the staff room of East Haven Girls’ High School in Sydney and exposes the narrow-minded education system of the 1930s.  It centres on the increasing bitter struggle within a group of teachers, a mix of conservatives and progressives, over the fate of a senior student accused of immoral behaviour where expulsion will destroy the student’s chance of going to university.  A fascinating study in day to day routine which is stripped away to reveal a hall of horrors, built on hypocrisy.

Suburb & State –

Malvern, Victoria

Contact info – 

Loretta Bishop –

Company name – 

Malvern Theatre Company

Production Dates – 

15th June to 30th June 2018