Jul 202018

Marrying Italian: a story told with song.

This is a new work based on the book Marrying Italian: when love is not enough.
Audition Dates : 7.30 – 9.30 pm Wednesday 1 August, Donald St Community Hall, Preston
Workshop dates: 7.00 – 9.30 pm Mondays 20 August, 24 September, 15 October, 22 October
Performance: Sunday 28th October, 10.30- 4.30 rehearsal with choir followed by public performance ( last day of the Darebin Music Feast)
 ELISEO:  Age: from his 40’s to his 60’s – Italian, stocky, bearded. He is handsome and charismatic, delightful company, a craftsman who works as a bricklayer. His charm conceals a bitter and troubled spirit, and his anger is never far from the surface.
VIVIEN:  Age:  from her 20’s to her 40’s – A naive girl from a farm in country Victoria, who after a disastrous early marriage, becomes involved with an older Italian friend, Eliseo Achia. Vivien is looking for love and security for herself and her small daughter. She is completely unprepared for her new role as an Italian wife, and unaware of Eliseo’s wartime history, or his sometimes humiliating experiences as an immigrant to Australia.
VINCENZO:  Acts a narrator, and plays various small roles: as Vivien’s father Ken, a farmer; her first husband Mick, a thrill seeker and hunter; a priest who buries Eliseo; a doctor who berates Vivien for her treatment of a feverish child.
PAOLO:  Age:  in his 40’s – A chef who teaches Vivien to cook; an Italian counsellor who can’t help her with Eliseo; a psychiatrist at Newhaven Hospital who arranges her LSD therapy.
ANNA:  Age: in her 30’s – Vivien’s daughter who is a dance teacher and performer, a
glamorous and artistic girl who has disappointed Eliseo by her choice of career, and failed his expectations of a good, dutiful Italian daughter; her nonna, Mamma Achia; the Salvation Army collector on Red Shield Day; Ruth, an old friend of Vivien’s
CHOIR:  In a full theatrical production the choir will not only sing, but play crowds and various other characters
Synopsis:Marrying Italian’ explores the marriage of a naive Australian girl from a farming background to an older Italian immigrant who, during his teenage years in Italy, survived WWII, despite spending time as a partisan. His decision to trust a younger woman from a different culture was a brave one.From an idyllic childhood on a farm in country Victoria to the battlefields around Anzio during WWII, from an easy life as a student in Melbourne to the hard life of a post-war immigrant, their lives were as different as lives could be, but despite deep cultural differences, they found much common ground. The role of family was central to each, as was the church in community life, and the love of food, the growing, cooking and sharing of huge family meals.  However the legacy of the violence, changing alliances, and tragedies Italians endured during WWII cast a long shadow over their lives.   
 Suburb & state: Preston Victoria
Contact info: Vivien Achia  To register for an audition, and to receive audition pieces, please contact Vivien Achia
Email: vivienachia@yahoo.com.au  Mob: 0417 149 221
Company Name: ARCappella – Amateur Repertory Company