Jun 142018

‘Love and Information’

by Caryl Churchill

Individual auditions are Sunday the 24th June or Tuesday the 26th of June. Please book a time with the director.

This play has more than 50 scenes. No characters are named, given an age or gender. An ensemble will be cast by individual audition. Workshops will then be used to discover the actors’ relationship to the text and the scenes will then be cast and go into rehearsal. It is a wonderful, intense, moving and funny play. Audio-visual will be used in performance.

All ages/genders/preferences from 16 to 90.

“The play asks us to consider how meaning is constructed and to participate in the process” – Jennifer Wilkinson.

Workshops and rehearsals will be most Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from the 19 July to 2 October. Performances are 5 October to 20 October. All auditions, rehearsals and performances are in Emerald.

Emerald, Victoria.

Please contact the director David Lawson-Smith on dlawsonsmith@bigpond.com to book an audition or with any questions.

Gemco Players, Emerald.