Jun 142018


by Joe Orton

Directed by Michelle Swann

Season performances 7 to 22 September.

Eltham Little Theatre

Research, Victoria 

Auditions will be held at Eltham Little Theatre at  7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Monday 25 June and Wednesday 27 June. 

Performances 15 November to 1 December.


A black farce masterpiece, Loot follows the fortunes and misfortunes of two young amateur thieves, Hal and Dennis. Dennis is a hearse driver for a funeral parlour. After robbing the bank next door they hide-out with the loot in Hal’s home. Hal’s mother has just died and the pair conceal the money in her coffin, hiding the body in a cupboard. Playing with all the conventions of popular farce, Orton creates a world gone mad and examines in detail mid-century English attitudes.

Please Note:

These will be open auditions.

For further information or to book an audition, contact the Director, Michelle Swann on 0402 354 651 or by email. When booking, please indicate the role or roles you are interested in.

All characters require a British accent and excellent comedic timing.

Auditionees will be asked to read from the script with others and perform various theatre games.



5 males and 1 female required.

Hal – early 20’s to early 30s – Gay, the son of the recently deceased, full of Catholic guilt.

Dennis – early 20’s to early 30s – a sexual deviant and an undertaker

Fay – 20 to 40  – A nurse who declares she is a devout Catholic. Uses her sexuality to manipulate men.

Mr McLeavy – 50 to 70 – a recent widower, old-fashioned, a devout Catholic, concerned about his son

Inspector Truscott – 40 to 70 – a bumbling police detective, not above bribery and violence, embodies every negative stereotype of the policeforce.

Meadows – 20 to 30 – a police officer (minor role).