Jul 192016

Williamstown Little Theatre Audition notice London Suite by Neil Simon

Season: 17 November – 3 December 2016

Auditions: Sunday 11 September from 1 pm and Monday 12 September from 7pm
Auditions by appointment only and only after you have read the play.
For further details and script contact director by email:

Rehearsal nights (at this stage) will be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.

A stage play of four short plays set in a contemporary London Hotel.
Note: Successful actors may be cast in more than one of the plays or if preferable, be cast in only one play and therefore attend rehearsals only once a week.

1. Settling Accounts
Brian Cronin 45- 50 (English Accent) Successful novelist
Billy Fox. 45- 50 (English Accent) Brian’s manager

2. Going Home
Sheryl Semple Mid 50’s (American Accent)
Lauren Semple. Age 31 (American Accent)

3. Diana and Sidney
Grace Chapman Mid 30’s (American accent) Diana’s secretary
Sidney Nichols Mid 50’s (English Accent) Fit and tanned and gay.
Diana Nichols. About 50 (English Accent) Glamorous and successful TV star.

4. The Man on the Floor
Mark Ferris 30 – 45 (American/New York accent)
Frantic American tourist
Anne Ferris. 30 – 45 (American/New York accent)
Frantic American tourist
Mrs Sitgood 35-50 (Scottish accent)
Happy and cheerful associate hotel manager
Bellman Any age (English accent)
Dim witted and clumsy
Dr McMerlin 30’s and older (English accent)
Cheerful hotel doctor.