Nov 092018

Little Miss Sunshine (The Musical)

Audition Dates – Individual vocal auditions – Wednesday 21st November and Thursday 22nd November (from 7.00pm).  Please book your vocal audition time via Try Booking 

Callbacks (upon invitation via email) – Sunday 25th November

Character descriptions and requirements

Fab Nobs supports colourblind casting and welcomes performers of all genders, nationalities, body type and adult ages to audition for Little Miss Sunshine.

Please note that ‘Stage Age’ refers to the character’s age. It doesn’t mean that you’re not right for the role if you’re not actually within that age range. The same applies for gender. Feel free to audition for any role – all characters are open for interpretation.


Richard Hoover
A self-help entrepreneur. Created a pathway to success following his “Ten Step Method”. He is still waiting for success.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 30 to 45
Vocal range: A2 to A4

Sheryl Hoover
The Hoover matriarch who loves her family very much. Feeling strain in her marriage.
Gender: Female
Stage age: 30 to 45
Vocal range: A3 to G5

Richard’s formerly estranged father. Senior wild-child. In his sixties and a little worse for wear. Coaches Olive for pageants.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 55 to 70
Vocal range: A2 to E4

Dwayne Hoover
Sheryl and Richard’s teenage son. Determined to become a pilot and has taken a vow of silence until he gets into flight school.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 15 to 18
Vocal range: B2 to F4

Uncle Frank
Sheryl’s academic brother. Suffers from depression and recently attempted suicide after a heartbreak.
Gender: Male
Stage age: 30 to 45
Vocal range: A2 to E4

Multiple roles
We also require three (2 male + 1 female) versatile singer/actors for these feature roles which offer prominent solo vocals and substantial dialogue.

  • Larry Sugarman – A Proust Scholar who sole Frank’s lover (male, age 30-50)
  • Buddy Dean Gardener – A Little Miss Sunshine contest official and host (male, 30-50)
  • Doctor – A doctor who talks to the Hoover family when Grandpa is brought to the hospital (male, age 30-50)
  • Linda – A bereavement liaison at the hospital (female, 20-35)
  • Miss California – Co-host of the Little Miss Sunshine finals (female, 20-35)
  • Joshua Rose – Franks’ old beau and former graduate student (male, 24-30)
  • Kirby – A laid-back stoner who enters Olive in the Little Miss Sunshine Finals after the family arrives late (male, 24-30)
  • Funeral Home Worker (24-30)

JUNIOR CAST (all stage age 8 to 10)

Olive Hoover “Little Miss Sunshine” (Leading role)
Youngest member of the Hoover family and aspiring beauty queen.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: G3 to Eb5

Bridget / Mean Girl
A contestant in the Little Miss Sunshine finals and a mean girl in Olive’s mind.

Tracee / Mean Girl
A contestant in the Little Miss Sunshine finals and a mean girl in Olive’s mind.

D’Borah/ Mean Girl
A contestant in the Little Miss Sunshine finals and a mean girl in Olive’s mind.

A contestant in the Little Miss Sunshine finals.


Fab Nobs Theatre Inc. is very proud to present Little Miss Sunshine in March/April 2019.

From the Tony Award-winning team of James Lapine (Into The WoodsSunday In The Park With George) and William Finn (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) comes a musical comedy about one modern family’s unexpected route to brighter days. Based on the Academy Award-winning film, Little Miss Sunshine is an outrageously funny and surprisingly touching musical.

The Hoover family has seen better days. Richard, the father, is a floundering motivational speaker, Grandpa’s been kicked out of his retirement home, and Uncle Frank’s been dumped by his boyfriend. Moody teenager Dwayne has taken a vow of silence and overextended mother Sheryl can do little more than slap on a smile. But when the youngest Hoover… energetic Olive, enters a regional children’s beauty pageant, the family thinks their luck could change and embarks on a cross-country trek chasing the coveted title of “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Suburb & state – Bayswater, Victoria

Contact info – Sally at