Apr 242017

‘Life after George’ by Hannie Rayson. Directed by David Lawson-Smith

Peter George, charismatic academic, idealist, lover of life, is dead. His wife, two ex-wives and daughter gather for his funeral. As the true nature of the man and his life unfolds, so these women discover much about themselves and the lives they have lived both within and outside his shadow. Life after George is a moving and perceptive insight into social change across three decades, told through individual experiences. A compelling drama from the author of Hotel Sorrento.

‘Life after George’ is mostly set in Melbourne.
Peridot Theatre Company is based at the Unicorn Theatre, Glen Waverley VIC. Peridot is a not-for-profit organisation. Actors are not paid.

Rehearsal / production dates
Rehearsals: 3 x weekly from mid June.
Performance Dates: August 11 – 26 2017
4F, 2M
Professor Peter George. Lead role: Peter George is 58. Intellectual, artistic and passionate. He exudes vitality. Born in Newcastle, U.K. He is a complex man with flaws.

Beatrix George: Beatrix is the mother of Ana, is restoring 14 Century paintings in northern Italy. Born in England, she is educated and refined.

Professor Lindsay George, second wife of Peter George: Lindsay is 52. She is an academic. She is intelligent and fiercely ambitious. Strong character. She has a Melbourne accent.

Poppy Santini: Poppy is the much younger, third wife of Peter George. She is intelligent and idealistic. She has a Melbourne accent.

Ana George, Peter and Beatrix’s daughter:
Ana is 28. Withdrawn. She has had a difficult relationship with her father. Ana is a musician. She has a Melbourne accent.

Alan Duffy: George’s best friend: Alan is 59. He is grounded and truthful. He fishes and can fly a plane. Dinkum.

To book an audition or for further details, please contact the director at dlawsonsmith@bigpond.com or 0402 464645, or see https://peridot.com.au/auditions.

Type of production

Company Name and Suburb
Peridot Theatre Company, Mt Waverley.