Feb 052018

 KISSES: A Musical Fairytale Adventure

Audition Dates:  Fri 9 FebSat 10 FebSun 11 Feb

Character descriptions and requirements:

The production team is looking for 40-45 talented 6-18 year olds for this production. We are looking for strong singers and actors, with speci c dancing skills considered including gymnastics, acrobatics and classical (ballet).


Charles – The new Prince Charming. Suave but arrogant and not very bright (A3-E5)
Annabelle – Sweet girl, in love with Charles (Bb3-D#5)
Skeet – Charles’ servant. Angry and bitter. In love with Annabelle (A3-D#5)
Lucinda – A shy servant. In love with Skeet (G3-D5)
Beauty – A sleeping beauty. (Bb3-C5)
Queen – Domineering. Hates the King
King – A bumbling idiot. Hates the Queen. Drinks a lot
Three Goblins:
Gorb – Evil and sneaky goblin
Glib – Argumentative sidekick of Gorb
Gump – Not very bright (A3-C#5)
Three Witches:
Ramona – Very powerful witch, but distracted by her love for the King (F3-C5)
Verona Ramona’s sister Mini Little sister. Sarcastic
Three Fairies:
Black Fairy Previous leader of the fairies. Loud. Was overthrown by her sister, Blue Fairy (A3-A4)
Green Fairy A kind-hearted fairy. Little sister of the other two
Blue Fairy Leader of the fairies. Very serious. Does not like her sister, Black Fairy

  There are a number of opportunities for cast members to be part of an amazing ensemble, such as Singing Messengers, King’s Guards, Toads, Mirror (voice-over), Announcer, Princes, Vampire, Fairies, Goblins, & Town Folk.


KISSES is a fairytale musical comedy set in a kingdom of princes and goblins and fairies and witches.

The royals in the castle are not having a good day. Not only has Prince Charming lost his favourite teddy bear, he is forced to compete with his servant, Skeet, to find and wake up a Sleeping Beauty. Whoever finds the Sleeping Beauty will impress Annabelle, the girl of their dreams, and hopefully win her love. Skeet draws on the help of some sneaky goblins and a powerful witch who produces a magical waking potion. However, when the potion is stolen, things start to get out of control. And they get worse when the goblins battle the fairies for control of the kingdom, until a human girl becomes a fairy and unites the fairies with the goblins. Only problem is, the goblins and fairies decide to kidnap Annabelle and overthrow the humans instead!

Will the goblins and fairies take over the kingdom? Will Skeet win the girl of his dreams? Will Prince Charming find his teddy bear? Will the witch win the love of the King? Will the Sleeping Beauty ever fall asleep again? Or will they all be turned into toads?!

Suburb & state  Frankston, VIC

Contact info:  Heather Krause or David Krause   kisses.productionmanager@gmail.com

Company Name:  Peoples Playhouse Inc