Oct 312018
Hotel Sorrento by Hannie Rayson
Directed by Kath Buckingham
Season dates – Friday February 15th – March 2nd

Eltham Little Theatre

Research, Victoria 

Auditions will be from 7:30 PM to 9 PM, Wednesday 21 November and from 3 PM to 6 PM, Sunday 25 November.
• These will be open auditions.
• Please book for either time by contacting the Director, Kath Buckingham on 0411 232 231 – after hours please or on email: palace@hotkey.net.au. When booking, please indicate the role or roles you are interested in.
• The ages given above are those in the script, but there is some room for age flexibility in casting.
• If you book an audition but decide later not to attend, please let the Director know.

We will be starting rehearsals in December and working through January. There will be a two week break over the Christmas/New Year period

An Australian Favourite !

Set in the early 1990s in Australia, Hilary lives in seaside Sorrento with her father and sixteen-year-old son; Pippa is visiting from New York and Meg returns from England with her English husband.
Three sisters, reunited after ten years in different worlds, again feel the constraints of family life. It is Meg’s semi-autobiographical novel, recently shortlisted for the Booker prize, which overshadows their homecoming. The Play explores all the issues from the ownership of shared personal narratives to the infamous ‘cultural cringe’.


Marg Morrisey – F Mid/late 50s
A teacher, divorcee and mother of four. All of her children have grown up and left home. She has a holiday house in Sorrento, where she goes every weekend.

Dick Bennet – M Mid 40s
The editor of the Australian Voice. His friendship with Marge dates back to the early seventies. He lives alone in a rented flat, and is a regular visitor to Marge’s holiday house.

Hilary Moynihan – F Mid/late 40s
The oldest of the Moynihan sisters. She lives in Sorrento, in the family home, which her father and sixteen-year old son. Her husband was killed in a car accident. She owns a small gourmet deli in the main street.

Wal Moynihan – M Late 60s
Father to Hilary, Pippa and Meg. He is retired now, having been the proprietor of the local garage, Moynihan Motors. His family has been in Sorrento for generations, and as a result he is something of a local character.

Troy Moynihan – M Mid to late teens
Hilary’s son.

Edwin Bates – M – mid 40s
An Englishman married to Meg. He is a partner is a successful publishing firm in London.
# English accent required.

Meg Moynihan – F Earlyish 40s
The middle sister, is a novelist and expatriate. She has been in London for ten years. Her second novel, Melancholy, has been nominated for the Booker prize.

Pippa Moynihan- F Latish 30s
The youngest sister, currently living in New York. She is well travelled and now a highly paid advertising executive.