Mar 192018

Heathers: The Musical.

We are Located in Hallam, Victoria. Audition dates are the 9th and 16th of April after 5pm.

The show is being produced by Escapees Theatre Company a non-profit community company, if anyone wanted to know more about us they can check out our website anyone interested should for more information.

The synopsis and characters to be posted are below,

If you need any other details please just email me,

Sharnika Takacs

Company Director

Escapees Theatre Company

Heathers: The Musical is a darkly delicious comedy that follows misfit Veronica Sawyer as she hustles her way into the prettiest, meanest, most popular clique in school: The Heathers. Heather, Heather and Heather are the hottest and cruelest girls in all of Ohio; Think the plastics from Mean Girls if they were from 1989, with bigger hair, shoulder pads and scrunchies. However, it looks like Veronica will have to choose between her new frenemies or the sexy trench coat wearing new kid in school, JD, who plans to put the Heathers in their place – six feet under.

You won’t want to miss out on being a part of the all singing, all dancing

and all murdering show that is; Heathers: The Musical!


So if you have ever wanted to be a Heather,

or anyone else from Westerburg high contact us now!


For more information on auditions please email us at

 Heathers: The Musical – Characters


Veronica Sawyer – Lead

Mid-range female voice with high belt

G3 – G#5/A5

She burns to be both cool and kind, but doesn’t know yet how to be both at the same time. Fierce sense of right and wrong, keen sense of ironic humor, has a dorky laugh that is contagious. Thinks she’s an old soul, but she’s still innocent enough to be blindsided by love/hormones (or shocked by cruelty).

JD (Jason Dean) – Lead

High male voice with belt

C3 – A4/A4

 He is darkly charismatic, compelling, attractive, charming on the outside yet very damaged on the inside. Keen smarts and strong inventive comedy.

Heather Chandler – Supporting

Mid-range female voice with belt

A3 – F5

Richest, hottest, most magnetic, cruelest girl in town. Relishes power and wields it like a scalpel – no fear, no patience, no mercy.

Heather Duke – Supporting

Lower female voice with belt

F3 – D5/D5

Whipping-girl of the three Heathers. Between her bulimia and boob job there isn’t much personality until she finally becomes Queen Bee, she wields power like a bulldozer.

Heather McNamara – Supporting

Mid-range female voice with belt

A3 – D5/E5

Beautiful, innocent, stupid, can be mean on command if Heather Chandler orders it, but actually quite vulnerable and fearful. 

Ram Sweeney – Supporting

Mid-range male voice with falsetto

D3 – G4

Linebacker. Big, insensitive to the feelings of others, ruled by appetites.

Kurt Kelly – Supporting

Mid to high male voice with belt

E3 – G#4/A4

Quarterback and Captain. Big, chiseled, rude, entitled, cocky. Mean, thinks he’s the brains in the friendship with Ram.

Martha Dunnstock – Supporting

Lower female voice with belt

E3 – E5/F5

Nicknamed “Martha Dumptruck,” the opposite of hot, confident, or popular. Huge and beautiful soul, optimistic even in the face of rejection.

Ms. Fleming – Featured

Lower female voice with belt

A3 – C5

Ms. Fleming is an aging hippie teacher, still yearning for the day the Age of Aquarius reaches Ohio. Hungry for the spotlight, resentful of entitled youth. She just wants to help the students, she also wants everyone to know she helps the students.

Bill Sweeney (Ram’s Dad) – Featured

Mid to high male voice with belt

A#2/B2 – G#4/A4

Ram’s Dad is a former football player turned suburban dad who has never outgrown his glory days in high school. Hates weakness, but capable of soul-searching when tragedy strikes.

Paul Kelly (Kurt’s Dad) – Featured

Mid-range male voice with belt

G#2/A2 – G4

Kurt’s Dad is a typical straight, American male. He believes in what he believes, doesn’t show much emotion until it is forced out of him.


Ensemble characters can double up with other characters.

Big Bud Dean (JD’s Dad)

Veronicas Mother

Veronicas Father

Principal Gowan


Officer McCord

Officer Milner