Feb 282018

Forget Me Not
by Tom Holloway

Between 1945 and 1970, more than 3,000 British children from supposedly broken homes were shipped to Australia. Tom Holloway’s play, which premiered in Sydney in 2013, looks at the bitter legacy of the so-called Child Migrants Programme.

Sally has taken in her estranged father Gerry to live with her. Gerry, middle-aged, virtually homeless, and mostly drunk, believes himself to be an orphan. He mostly lives in clouded memories of his mother whom he last saw when he was three.

Sally drags Gerry to a social worker, Mark, who works for an organisation that focuses on reuniting children who were shipped to Australia as child immigrants.

Sally persuades Gerry to let Mark try to trace any family that he might still have in UK and get to the bottom of his childhood migration from Liverpool.

Sally – 25-30
Mark – 30-40
Gerry – 50-60 (already cast)
Mary, Gerry’s mother – 70’s (already cast)

Auditions by appointment only
Sunday 04 March at BTC theatre from 2pm
Monday 05 March BTC theatre from 7pm

For inquiries and to book an audition time contact director Annie Blood at either bloodannie@gmail.com or telephone 0427 848 118

Information for prospective auditionees:
It is highly desirable that anyone wishing to audition should know the play well enough to be able to describe the “story”.

Rehearsals will be 7.30–10pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and 2pm–5pm Sundays. Actors need to be able to commit unconditionally not only for an entire performance season but also for all scheduled rehearsals at which their attendance is required.

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