Jun 232017

Auditions for STAG: Face to Face and Charitable Intent by David Williamson
Directed by Roderick Chappel

Auditon dates: Sunday 20 August 6.30 pm/ Monday 21 August 7.30pm
Performances: 9-19 November

Audition contact: roderickchappel@ozemail.com.au


In the 1990s David Williamson, Australia’s best-known playwright, saw the dramatic potential of Community Conferencing—a process which facilitates communication between people who are in serious interpersonal conflict or are dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Williamson demonstrated the power of Community Conferencing by translating it to the stage in his Jack Manning Trilogy.

These two short plays from the Trilogy explore very different cases of workplace conflict, with contrasting outcomes.
Charitable Intent, before interval, deals with a charity fund-raising company which has been undergoing disruptive organisational change.
In Face to Face, after interval, a victim of workplace bullying has then been fired after vandalising his boss’s expensive car.
In each intriguing situation there are unexpected developments, as secrets are revealed and human emotions and motivations come to the surface.

Cast Requirements

These are two separate but related plays with one character – Jack Manning – common to both. Some cast members will be in only one of the plays, but it will be possible for some (in addition to the actor playing Jack Manning) to have a part in each play. This is further explained below.


The roles vary in size, but each character is important, and is onstage throughout the play. A character named as a “major part” below has over 100 lines. The age ranges given below are those indicated by the playwright, but for some characters ages are quite flexible.

Both Plays

Jack Manning
Community conference convenor, 40s. Major part in each play.

Charitable Intent

CEO of the company “Enabling and Caring”, mid-30s. She is impeccably dressed, with a false smile. She has been employed to bring change to the company, and has trodden on some toes while doing so. Major part.

Chairman of the Board, early 50s, a prosperous, driven, businessman. He is unhappy with dissention within the company, and supportive of his CEO. Major part.

Head of Program Management, mid-40s, overweight and unfashionably dressed. She is at odds with Bryony, who has, she believes, treated her badly. Major part.

Financial Controller, early 50s, friend and supporter of Amanda. Major part.

Head of Human Resources, early 30s. She pretends to be professionally neutral but has acted deviously in support of Bryony.

Head of Public Relations and Marketing, mid-20s. She had been appointed by Bryony to replace Amanda in this role.

Head of Finance, mid-20s. Like Giulia, she was Bryony’s protégé.

Face to Face

Glen Tregaskis
A former worker at “Baldoni Exhibition Constructions”, mid-20s. He is a decent man, but not very bright, and with a short fuse. He has been sacked for vandalising his boss’s car, and is likely to be prosecuted for the crime. However, he loved his work at Baldoni’s, and now wants his job back. Major part.

Maureen Tregaskis
Glen’s mother, early 40s. She is at the meeting to support Glen, and makes important contributions to the developing story.

Barry McLean
Glen’s oldest mate, who knows Glen’s background, mid-20s.

Greg Baldoni
Owner and manager of Baldoni’s, early 50s. A somewhat imperfect boss. Major part.

Claire Baldoni
Greg’s wife, 40s to 50s. Not very happy with her husband.

Luka Mitrovic
Worker at Baldoni’s, early-30s. He is one of those who have made Glen’s life difficult at work. Major part.

Richard Halligan
Foreman at Baldoni’s, 40s. He is a decent man but has turned a blind eye to what was happening to Glen.

Julie Rossiter
Greg Baldoni’s personable young personal assistant, with whom Greg has become rather too close.

Therese Martin
Greg Baldoni’s accountant, age unspecified but fairly young, less outgoing than Julie. She has been unhappy with how the company’s finances are managed.

Casting in Both Plays

The scope for overlap of casts between the two plays is limited by the fact that Charitable Intent has 6 women and 2 men, whereas Face to Face has 6 men and 4 women. Up to four actresses could appear in both plays, in roles appropriate to their ages. The actor playing Brian in Charitable Intent could play either Greg or Richard in Face to Face.

Audition candidates are welcome to audition for one or more parts in either or both plays, and to indicate whether, if cast, they would prefer a single role or would accept a part in each play if offered. Casting will not be influenced by whether an audition candidate wishes to be in one or both plays.

Precast Roles: None


Open auditions will be held at the theatre on Sunday 20 August at 6:30 p.m. and on Monday 21 August at 7:30 p.m. Auditionees are encouraged to attend for the whole audition if possible, or for at least an hour, so that there will be sufficient numbers present. Please contact the director, Roderick Chappel, to book an audition, to access the scripts, and for a list of audition pieces: roderickchappel@ozemail.com.au or 9718-0486.

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