Mar 142017

Pop Culture Theatre is pleased to announce it will be putting on a cabaret/variety show this year and we are looking for acts.
Auditions: Sunday March 26th
Location: Aspect Motion School of Dance – 8/21 Power Road Bayswater.
Time: Dance team 10.30am until 12pm. You will be required for all this time (Venue open from 10am to warm up and do paperwork)
Acts – 12.30pm until 5pm. Please email for your audition slot. You will be given a 10-minute slot.
Rehearsals: will be at the same venue. All rehearsals will be on Sundays, unless all parties agree to a different day.
Performance date: 3rd June – One night only.
Location: TBA – we are looking for a suitable venue as we talk.
For more information &/or to book an audition time:
The theme for the show is ‘An Evening With The Devil’ and we want acts that will fit in with it. What are we looking for? Anything! Singing, dancing, sketches, fire breathing, stand-up comedy, ritual sacrifice…. Ok well maybe not that last one – not unless you can do it in a fun and entertaining way.
So let’s get into the nitty gritty of it all.
The show will consist of two (roughly) 50 minute halves.
It will be hosted by the Devil.
There will be one dance team that can be used to add in movement & dance if needed to your act.
The show will be dinner show affair.
Rehearsal time will be minimal! That’s right – you do most of your rehearsing in your own time. In a perfect world, you will be needed: At auditions. Twice during the rehearsal period & then full dress rehearsals.
This is of course the best-case scenario, assuming your act is going along all nicely. For larger acts or more intricate items we might need you more. Oh and dance team will have a lot more rehearsals!
How do I know if my idea is suitable for the show? Why not email the director and ask?
Is it a family show? Assume a rough rating of MA15+ BUT we are not opposed to going 18+ if the act is good enough. So if you are under 18, you can still audition, but be aware the show will have mature content and so we will be checking with your parents that it is ok you are in the show.
What if I don’t have an act, but really want to audition? Come along with something and let us see your skills. We might just have an item or two up our sleeves you might be who we are looking for.
Can I audition with my friend(s)? Absolutely. Acts are not limited to solos. Duo’s. Trios. Fouros. It’s all good.
You will have a live band right? Ahhh well – there you have us! Unless we get a band auditioning music will need to be backing tracks and it will be the responsibility of the performer to source it. We will pay for performance rights.
You mentioned a dance team… We did indeed. We are looking for a group of dancers that can be put into items as needed. We are looking for quality not quantity. You will be expected to be able to perform different styles, again, until we know what acts we have we can’t tell you exactly what ones. There will be one full dance team item (Cell block tango) and then you will be divide up and put into items.
Can I be in dance team and audition to do an act? You sure can.
Can I do original stuff? Yes. Bring it along.
Do we get paid? No. Sorry. If it helps at all – we are not either. We will take care of costs like performance rights, hire of equipment, venue, etc. We will not pay for travel expenses, spas, trailers etc.
I have an idea, but I don’t have enough time to get it perfect before auditions. That’s all good. Come along with what you have, be able to clearly talk us through the item, and show us what you have.
Can’t you give me some idea of an item? OK. Fine. One item that we have come up with is about materialism and fame – Starts with Dimond’s are a girl’s best friend, then into The Fear and finishes with Material Girl. The singers are to have make up that makes them look like zombies. How is that? Does that help you?
I’ve got one song that might work is that enough? Yes.
I would quite like to be the devil and host the show what will that entail? And does it matter that I am a female? The devil will be the linking device to all the items, they will keep the evening going, host a game or two & sing a couple of songs. The devil can be either male or female or neither! The script for the show is literally getting written around the people we have in show. So you show us your best devil! Sexy? Funny? Vegas night club sleazy? Nerdy? Our script writer will be working with the host(s) to write a script that will be just for your character. Oh yeah, we might well have multiple hosts. How do you audition for the role then? Come up with something in character. A song, a dance, a short monologue.
Ok what about…. Let me stop you there. Just email the director and ask away or we are going to be here forever!
NOTE: Dancers please bring chorus shoes or heels appropriate to dance in. Yes, guys if you can bring the same that would be awesome, but we also totally accept that you might not have heels.
NOTE: If you are late for you audition we will try to fit you in, but we make no promises.

Type of production

If other
Cabaret/Variety Show

Company Name and Suburb
Pop Culture Theatre Inc. Bayswater