Oct 012018

Body Awareness

by Annie Baker

Directed by Kirs Weber.


 Audition date:  Monday November 26 from 7.45pm

Venue for auditions, rehearsals and performances:
Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 Albert St. Williamstown

Auditions are by appointment only
Enquiries and audition appointments:
Kris Weber, Director: kris@keweber.com

Season dates: 6-23 February 2019 (16 performances)

Rehearsal times:
 Rehearsals will normally be 3 evenings a week excluding weekends to begin with. Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7.45 – 10.30 are the proposed days and times. Some weekend rehearsals will be slotted in to accommodate full dress rehearsals.

Psychology professor, Phyllis, is deep into her project,  Body Awareness Week, at the local college where she teaches. She and her partner, high school teacher, Joyce, live together with Joyce’s son, Jared, from her previous marriage. Jared, a self proclaimed autodidact, and working at McDonald’s, is adamant he does not have Asperger’s Syndrome . When photographer Frank becomes a houseguest, Phyllis is offended by his artistic photos of nude women, and when Joyce decides to pose for him, tensions build.

Body Awareness is both poignant and witty, examining themes of perception, self awareness, identity and self esteem.  Annie Baker (The Flick, Circle Mirror Transformation, The Antipodes, The Aliens) has said about her play:” My goal for the play is to not judge anyone, to get at that point where everyone is equally right and equally wrong, so the humour comes from that… I wanted to write a play about issues that wasn’t an ‘issue play’.”


Cast: 2 W 2 M

Joyce 50’s

Jared 20’s

Phyllis 40’s

Frank 50’s of Greek heritage


Audition requirements and booking a time:

 – Please read the play prior to attending audition

– American accent is required – play is set in Vermont

– Please prepare a 3 – 5 minute monologue, with accent.

– There will also be opportunity to read from the play

– please check performance dates and ensure you are available for all before booking an audition

– Bring a completed audition form downloaded from www.wlt.org.au/auditions together with a non- returnable headshot (does not need to be a studio shot)


Please note:
Williamstown Little Theatre is a community theatre and as such actors are not paid.