Feb 072018


I think you travel to search and you come back home to find yourself there – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi

Saturday February 24th. Workshop style audition.
Times available – 2-3pm, 3.30-4.30pm, 5-6pm
Auditions will last approximately 1 hour.

Enquiries: 0451164220 / melanie@dionysustheatre.com.au

Characters Summary:

• ‘Between Water and Air’ by Hayley Lawson-Smith
Cast – 2 characters, open to 18+, any gender
A domestic Parrot and Goldfish have a deep philosophical discussion on the triviality of life and impending death.

• ‘Holly and the Ivan Blues’ by Harry Paternoster
Cast – 1F, 1M – age range 20s to 30s
Obnoxious and eternally irate barmaid, Holly, finds herself in an otherworldly discussion with reserved lighting tech, Ivan.

• ‘The Happy Feminist’ by Fiona Bennett
Cast – 1F, 1M – age range late 20s to late 40s
A Husband and Wife ‘discuss’ what it is to be a feminist in this day and age.

• ‘Rumours of My Death’ by Cerise De Gelder
Cast – 2F – age range late 20s to late 40s
Alice and Brooke share histories of past trauma. They randomly meet one day in a cupcake shop after years of not seeing one another and muse as to the purposes of social media to pass on significant information.

• ‘Still Waters’ by Arthur Jolly
Cast – 1F, 1M – age range late 20s to late 40s
A wife sits in the darkness of the kitchen at 4am. What she dreams of is the stuff of nightmares for her husband.

• ‘The Verbatim Quilt’ by Emma Sproule
Cast – 2F – Late 40’s to Mid 50s, Early 70s to 90s (2 additional F roles have been precast)
Three intersected monologues woven from the words of nine women. These women have shared their experiences and personal thoughts with the author on travel; what they thought it was, what they found it to be, and what they’ve learnt about themselves on their journeys.

NOTE* – We are also looking for trained dancers for three movement pieces that will form part of the season.

Theatre: Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre

Company Website: http://www.dionysustheatre.com.au/

McClelland College Performing Arts Centre, 26 Alexander Crescent, Karingal, 3199
Entry is off Karingal Drive. The suburb of Karingal is near Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula.

To book your time slot, email or phone: melanie@dionysustheatre.com.au / 0451164220


Rehearsals will be held at the audition venue on a Wednesday night.

Performance at ‘Cube 37’ at the Frankston Arts Centre, May 3-5, 2018.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out an audition form and bring a small photograph/headshot to your audition that we can keep.

Arete : Delta
Manifesting Unique Thought Through Innovative Performance and Visual Art – created for Dionysus Theatre.

All work is based on the quote: I think you travel to search and you come back home to find yourself there
– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi