Nov 302017

PEP Productions presents its 2018 series of One Act Plays
Directed by Karim Shaker & Salina Henderson.

Season: 1st March – 10th March
To be performed at Doncaster Playhouse, Doncaster.

Show Information:

– The Devil in the Detail by Amber Harris – Directed by Karim Shaker

A play about an actress and her leading man and a devilish amount of detail

JAC: An actress. She could be anywhere from late 20’s to mid 40’s. Her confidence hides a fragility.
BERNARD: An actor. He is very confident and neurotic. He is approximately the same age as Jac (although he could be younger) and good looking. He is what is colloquially known as a pratt.
PSYCHIATRIST: This character could be either male or female and should be obviously older than Jac. She could be anywhere from mid 30’s to mid 60’s. She is astute and confident.
BETH: A director. She is conservative looking and slightly anxious and highly strung.

Cast: 2 Female, 1 Male, 1 Male or Female

– The Salsa Plays by Alex Broun – Directed by Salina Henderson

A collection of 8 short plays set in and around a Salsa Dance class focusing on the relationships between the new and old students of the class as they head towards their big dance competition.

ROBBIE: Female owner of a small Salsa School
JAMES: Robbie’s son
JACQUELINE: A teacher at the School
RICARDO: The star dancer of the class
SASHA: A quiet student of the class
JENNIFER: A successful business-woman
SUE: A good dancer
MARY: The new student in the class
PAULA: Attends the class because she just enjoys dancing
NATALIE: Student of the dance class with an Asian background (could be adjusted to any ethnic background)
BERNIE: A regular student of the class

Cast: 9 female, 2 male

Audition Information
Monday 11th December from 7:30pm at Wantirna Secondary College, Wantirna. Full details provided with confirmation of audition

Audition requirements: We do not require you to prepare anything, as it will be a workshop style audition in front of both directors. Audition will run for approximately 45 minutes.

Please bring a photo that we can keep and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to audition time to fill in forms. A theatrical CV would also be beneficial.

Rehearsal times and venues will be organised around cast availabilities and individual play requirements.

Please note that all auditionees must be over the age of 18 at the time of audition.

To book an audition or if you require any further information please contact us at:

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PEP Productions, Richmond