Jan 112019

A Man of No Importance

Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Director– Barbara Hughes
Musical Director – Janet Provan

Season dates: 26 June to 13 July, 2019 (16 performances)
Audition Dates:
Sunday 3rd March from 1.00pm
Monday 4th March from 7.00pm
Call backs (if required): Thursday 7th March from 7.30pm
Venue to be confirmed.
Auditions by appointment only

To book an audition or for any questions about the show,
please call the director, Barbara Hughes, 0417-589-015
or email bhughes@wlt.org.au.

This tender musical takes place in Dublin in 1964. Alfie Byrne, a middle-aged
bachelor living with his spinster sister, is a bus conductor by day but spends
his evenings as the artistic director of St. Imelda’s Players. Alfie is dedicated
to the plays of his hero, Oscar Wilde, but when he declares that the troupe’s
next production will be the provocative Salome, the ensuing
misunderstandings and bigotry cause his safe little world to crumble. Alfie is
forced to confront the secrets he holds in his heart. A beautifully woven tale of
love, friendship and coming to terms with who you are.
We require a large ensemble cast, all of whom must have good singing and
character acting ability.

Williamstown Little Theatre
2 Albert St., Williamstown

Alfie Byrne: Male, 30s to 50s, Baritone – Range: A2 to E4.
Alfie is a Dublin bus conductor, artistic director of the St Imelda’s Players and
a dreamer who idolises Oscar Wilde. He is the pivotal character in the show
and rarely leaves the stage. We require an exceptional actor who is also a
strong singer.
Lily Byrne: Female, 30s to 50s, Mezzo-Soprano – Range: E2 to C5.
Alfie’s sister. She loves Alfie but longs for him to marry so that she can marry
the local butcher.
Robbie Fay: Male, 20s to early 30s, Tenor – Range: C4 to A4.
Alfie’s co-worker and friend. Charming and likeable. Ability to play guitar is a
plus but not essential.
Adele Rice: Female, Early 20s, Soprano – Range: C4 to F5.
A sweet, young girl who is new to Dublin and who Alfie thinks would be
perfect for his play. Adele is wise beyond her years. We need a sweet
soprano so no belting please.
James Michael ‘Baldy’ O’Shea: Male, 40s plus, Baritone – Range: B2 to G4.
The resident stage manager at St Imelda’s. A widower who still misses his
Carney: Male, 40s to 60s. Baritone – Range: A2 to G4.
The local butcher and the usual star of Alfie’s productions. Egotistical and
socially and morally conservative.
Mrs Patrick: Female 30s to 40s, Range: G3 to E5.
Married mother of three children and a pillar of the Church who is leading a
secret life.
Breton Beret: Male, 20s to mid 40s, Range: A2 to C4.
A sinister character who seduces Alfie, then turns on him.
**We have deliberately not included the ages and vocal types of the following
roles as we want a range of ages and voices. These are all fun characters
with a chance to shine and many double in smaller roles**
Miss Crowe: The company costume designer and troupe member
Mrs Curtin: The company choreographer and mother of 8! Basic tap ability
Rasher Flynn: The company technician, heavy smoker and former All-Ireland
Mrs Grace: A stalwart of the troupe and the company’s publicist.
Ernie Lally: Props maker extraordinaire and troupe member.
Peter: A young man who volunteers at St Imelda’s. This role would suit
someone who is looking to gain experience in musical theatre.
Please note: All ages are approximate.

Audition Requirements
Please prepare two contrasting songs in the style of the show that
demonstrate your musical ability. Please bring music in the correct key. No
CDs, backing tracks or a capella.
All actors require Irish accents. We will assist with accents during rehearsals
but please have a go at it for the audition.
If you can play a portable instrument (guitar, violin etc), please let us know.
Please bring to your audition a completed audition form downloaded from
www.wlt.org.au/auditions together with a non-returnable headshot (studio shot
not necessary)