May 302017

CLOC Musical Theatre presents “A Chorus Line”

Director: Richard Perdriau
Musical Director: Daniel Heskett
Choreographer: David Harford

Season: Friday October 20-Saturday October 28, 2017

Auditions: Saturday June 17-Wednesday June 21

Audition bookings open: Friday June 2 at 9.00am

For more information, please go to
or call 1300 362 547 from June 2


Audition Dates 

Vocal: June 17, 18

Dance: Monday June 19 (evening)

Call Backs: Wednesday June 21 (evening)


  • Audition Bookings will be taken online from Friday June 2, 9am
  • The audition booking will include the following:
  • Fill out online audition form
  • Upload current headshot (required but does not need to be a professional headshot, just a photo for the team to recognise you)
  • Upload performance resumé (optional)
  • Arrive early to talk through your song with the pianist.
  • Prepare one song in the style of the show, but not from the show.  Bring sheet music in a folder in the key in which you wish to sing (no taped music or requests to transpose).
  • You do not need to prepare any dialogue – you may be asked to read an extract of dialogue from the show.  These extracts will be available to look at before you go into the audition.
  • Please wear appropriate and fitted rehearsal clothes for the audition (not loose fitting), including suitable footwear eg jazz shoes. The only exception to this is for the role of Zach, as this role is open to both dancers and non‑dancers.
  • Dance: There will be a dance element as part of the initial vocal auditions, which will be done in small groups. You may also be asked to return for a more intense Dance Audition on Monday evening, June 19, so please keep this free.
  • You will be notified on the evening of Sunday June 18 if you are required to attend the Dance Audition and at what time.  On Monday night, please wear dancewear and bring jazz/ballet/tap shoes.
  • Be available for Call Backs on Wednesday June 21 (evening). You will be advised on Monday night (after the Dance auditions) if you are required for Call Backs and at what time.  You will be emailed music to learn and will be expected to present at performance standard with music down at the Call Backs.
  •  Minimum age for auditionees: 16 plus at the time of auditions.
  •  Rehearsals are on Sunday afternoon (1pm-5pm), Monday and Wednesday evenings (7.30pm‑10.30pm).

Show and Character Information

An empty theatre…A bare stage…a white line…seventeen dancers…the chance of a lifetime. This is A Chorus Line, the groundbreaking, hilarious and poignant theatrical game changer that not only reinvented the traditional Broadway musical when it opened in 1975, but also became a record breaking blockbuster smash hit with both critics and audiences, notching up more than 6,000 performances over 15 years on Broadway.

Winner of nine Tony awards, including Best Musical, Book and Score, as well as the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, A Chorus Line is a joyful celebration of the human spirit for anyone who has ever put everything on the line to chase their dream.

AL: Tenor or Baritone. 30 years old. Al is an Italian American from the Bronx. He has a friendly, easy going charm together with a brash New York confidence. He is very protective of his wife, Kristine, who is also auditioning, finishing her sentences in the song “Sing!”.
BEBE: Alto. 22 years old, Jewish American from Boston, Bebe is the youngest and least experienced of the female dancers, eager for a shot at a Broadway debut. She is down to earth, strong-willed and has a certain tomboyish quality. She sings the second verse of “At the Ballet”.
BOBBY: Baritone, 25 years old, Bobby is witty and clever with a likeable eccentricity. Although not stated, it can be assumed he is gay. The role has a comic monologue, some of which is mimed, so the actor needs to be physically inventive and have strong comic timing. Bobby has some solo singing lines in the Montage.
CASSIE: Soprano. 32 years old. Starting as a chorus dancer Cassie moved on to major roles but is struggling to find work and now looking for a job in the chorus. She and Zach were in a relationship a few years before. The ultimate triple threat part, the role of Cassie calls for an emotional honesty and vulnerability. She has “star quality”, is down to earth, determined and likeable. Her number, “The Music and the Mirror,” includes a demanding dance solo requiring enormous passion, style and stamina.
CONNIE: Alto. A young-looking 32, Connie is Asian American. She is quite short, singing in the montage that she was only four foot ten as a teenager. One of the comic female roles, Connie is bright, bubbly and outgoing.
DIANA: Mezzo or Alto. 27 years old, Diana is a Puerto Rican from the Bronx. She is initially nervous but soon proves herself to be a spunky optimist with a feisty determination and someone who speaks from the heart. Requiring a true triple threat, Diana sings “Nothing” and “What I Did for Love”.
DON: Baritone. 26 years old, Don is a wholesome all-American man, married with two children and has been in the business for years. He has a solo verse in the Montage.
GREG: Baritone. 32 years old, Greg is the oldest and most experienced male dancer auditioning. A Jewish New Yorker, openly gay with a dry, jaded sense of humour. He has solo singing lines in the Montage. The role requires good comic timing and a sophisticated sense of style, speaking with polished grammar.
JUDY: Mezzo. 26 years old, Judy is scatterbrained, gawky, warm and outgoing. Having her fair share of the comic lines in the show, the role requires someone with charm and a distinctive comic personality. She has a solo verse in “And” and the Montage.
KRISTINE: 23 years old. Al’s wife. Kristine is inexperienced, eager and tone deaf. She is nervous and comically scattered, relying on her husband Al to keep her grounded and focused. Her featured song “Sing!” is spoken, with Al finishing her lines. Although no solo singing, Kristine still sings (in tune) in the group numbers. Requires good comic timing.
LARRY: Zach’s assistant choreographer, Larry helps teach the routines and keep the audition organized. He should be a superb technician with a terrific line and flawless jazz style. No solo singing required, though he does take part in the “One” finale.
MARK: Tenor or Baritone. 20 years old, Mark is the youngest and least experienced on the line, eager to get into his first Broadway show. He has an honest and genuine, earnest naiveté which sometimes irritates the more experienced dancers. He has some solo singing lines in the Montage.
MAGGIE: Mezzo. 25 years old, Maggie has a girl-next-door sweetness and vulnerability. Must be able to belt a sustained E. Sings the last verse of “At the Ballet” and a gentle lullaby-like song in the Montage.
MIKE: Tenor. 24 years old, Italian American. His solo number “I Can Do That,” requires strong singing and dancing skills. Any acrobatic skills could also be utilised. He has a brash, smart-alecky but likable sense of humour and a streetwise confidence.
PAUL: Tenor or baritone. 27 years old, Paul is Puerto Rican and gay with a shy, introverted personality. He has a long and emotional monologue that demands an actor of unusual sensitivity and openness who can command an empty stage with simplicity and honesty. He sings “Who Am I Anyway?“
RICHIE: Tenor. 27 years old. African American, Richie is high-spirited and loaded with energy. He has a solo verse in “And” and in the Montage which requires a high falsetto range. He also needs strong dancing ability for an exuberant dance solo.
SHEILA: Alto. Approaching 30, Sheila is one of the most experienced “gypsies” auditioning. She has a caustic wit and a brazenly outspoken personality. Though tough and sassy, Sheila reveals her vulnerable side in the first verse of “At the Ballet”. Requires an actor with good comic timing.
VAL: Alto. 25 years old, Val is a sexy, sassy, funny woman with a big belt voice and personality to match. Though brazen and foul mouthed she has to be likable, with a refreshing humour and honesty. Val sings “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three” and is very comfortable with flaunting her assets.
ZACH: 30s-40s. Zach is the director/choreographer who drives the action, teaching the dance routine that opens the show and then conducting the audition from the back of the theatre. He is coolly professional, driven and demanding. He and Cassie were in a relationship a few years before. The role requires a commanding stage presence and a strong, impressive speaking voice, though no solo singing is required. Dance ability is a definite advantage.
  OTHER DANCERS: There are also 7 to 10 dancer/singers that appear in the opening and closing numbers, some flash back sequences and will be singing off-stage for all other ensemble numbers. Some are named parts referred to in the dialogue and have a line here or there in the opening.

Important Dates 

Note following dates (2017):                 

* First Rehearsal:                       Sunday July 2, 1pm (full company)

* Costume Try On:  Sunday August 6, 10.30am-12.30pm (before rehearsal)

* Photo Shoot:                           Sunday August 13, 9.30am-1pm

* Rehearsal Weekends:          Saturday July 29 and Sunday July 30 (all day)

Saturday August 19 and Sunday August 20 (all day)

Saturday September 30 and Sunday October 1 (all day)

Saturday October 7 and Sunday October 8 (all day)

* Costume Call:                          Monday October 9, 7.30pm–10.30pm

* Sitzprobe with orchestra:    Thursday October 12, 7.30pm-10.30pm

* Bump-In:                                  Sunday October 15 (all day)

* Bump-Out:                               Saturday October 28 (immediately following the final performance)