Apr 142018

The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie

Audition date:    Saturday, May 5 at 2.30 pm at The Play Shed

PLACE:            The Play Shed is next to the car park behind Merthyr Road Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Rd New Farm. Access is via the path next to the church or via Amity Street

SEASON:       July 13 to August 4 2018


LAURA WARWICK (Female 30s): The loving and caring wife of Richard Warwick. A longstanding sufferer of her husband’s emotional abuse, she is plagued with nervousness and anxiety… never knowing who she can trust or who she can put her faith in.

MICHAEL STARKWEDDER (Male 30s): The lost traveller who happens upon the family murder. A shrewd and quick-thinking man of action. He is bit rough around the edges but so personable that people will talk to him when they won’t talk to each other.

MRS. WARWICK (Female 50s-60s): Richard Warwick’s mother and the commanding matron of the house.  An indomitable and realistic woman, she holds no illusions about the monster her son had become and what he has done to the people she loves.

JAN WARWICK (Male Late Teens-early 20s): Richard’s nineteen year old half-brother.  Sweet, imaginative and sly but prone to bouts of awkward hyperactivity.A lack of behavioural constraint caused Richard to torment the boy mercilessly.

MISS BENNETT (Female 40s-50s): Alert, brisk, and showing marks of the ex-hospital nurse, Benny is the family caretaker and confidant.  She suffers no fools and is unwilling to say or hear anything disparaging about the Warwick family.

JULIAN FARRAR (Male 30s): Next-door neighbour and good friend to Richard, Laura and the Warwick’s.  Handsome, smooth and with a soldierly aspect, he is running to be the next Member of Parliament.

HENRY ANGELL (Male 40s-50s): Richard Warwick’s personal valet and nurse-attendant.  He has a proper manner and does his unsuccessful best to appear unassuming and cordial… but underneath lies a more onerous disposition.

INSPECTOR THOMAS (Male 40s-50s): Your typical English police inspector—poker-faced and drily sarcastic.  He is keenly observant and sympathetic to the family’s plight, but not at the expense of discovering the truth.

SERGEANT CADWALLADER (Male 20s-30s): A youngish man of a winsome type.  Despite being a member of the police force, he is an artistic dreamer with a soft voice who fancies himself a poet.

RICHARD WARWICK (Male 40’s) Corpse in 1 Scene No Lines


 Through the thick fog of the English countryside, a lost traveller whose car has broken down stumbles up to a manor house looking for assistance… only to find the owner of the house, Richard Warwick, shot dead in his wheelchair and his wife standing nearby holding a gun. Warwick was a detestable brute hated by his entire household, so when the wife confesses to the murder, the unexpected guest agrees to give her an alibi. But when the police arrive and begin their investigation, they discover that no alibis are foolproof and that no members of the family are free from the entanglements that Richard Warwick tied them up in.


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