Mar 162018

“The Inquest.”

A one act play

Directed by: Alec Adsett.

 “The Inquest.”  revolves around the closing parts of a corners inquest into a tragic climbing death.


Note the coroner, crown counsel and Bailiff could be played by either male or female .

The Coronial Magistrate. He/she is a firm no nonsense well-spoken person in their Forties to Sixties with an empathic side.

Mr/Ms. Benson. (Crown Counsel) is arrogant and full of self-importance the kind that no one can warm to. They believes the witness is guilty.

Mr/Ms. Andrews. A key witness to the subject, who is tormented, remorseful with a bubbling of self-loathing.

Dr. Lithgow. Is also an older man or woman. Somewhat like the country doctor, caring, a little fatherly/motherly and just a touch world worn.

Court Bailiff. He/she is stoic and takes their role very seriously.

Where & When: The auditions will be held at the Sandgate Town Hall situated on the corner of Seymour and Clifford streets Sandgate Queensland. The auditions will be run over two nights, the 20th and 22nd of March.


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